February 14, 2021

8 Love Lessons from the Love of My Life.

love of my life

Love Lessons from the Love of My Life: My Dog.

Life has so much to offer.

So many lessons and teachings that can come in any shape or form. Everyone and everything has something to teach us, only if we are willing to accept, receive, and learn.

It was one such moment for me when I realized that my own dog has so much to teach me, and us.

Just a few days ago, he was waiting for my dad to return from work. Even though I know how he behaves and what each and every gesture of his means, I was still awestruck when I saw what he did.

My father usually comes home around 7 p.m. but he was quite late that day. I saw my mutt waiting patiently by the door, watching every car that came and went. Finally, after waiting for quite some time, he got tired and went off to sleep. He was fast asleep. You know, the kind of sleep where we’re drooling all over the place.

The house bell rang once or twice but he didn’t wake up. Yet, the minute my dad’s car arrived outside our house, he woke up in an instant and ran toward the door! He just knew instinctively that it was dad. He barked and barked till dad entered the house and met him.

He jumped on him, barked, and whined, to complain and ask why was he late. He followed him to the loo and stood outside the whole time.

Such loving gestures, that he pulls off every day, made me realize that there is so much to learn from him—especially about love.

I’m not even talking about the big things. Just the small day-to-day things that are more than enough to light up our day. The things that have love written all over them.

Perhaps, if we could use some of those, they would make a profound difference to our own lives.

So here’s what I have learned from him so far:

1. Life is short; express your love to your loved ones whenever possible.

He doesn’t leave any opportunity, any moment to express his unwavering and unconditional love. He will always be around to cuddle, play, and be smothered!

2. Sometimes, all you need to do is be there for the ones you love.

I have to say that my mutt is far more mature than any human I have come across in my life in this department. Every time he sees that I’m sad or upset, he will crawl into my lap and give me an expression that has “Don’t worry, I’m here for you” written all over it. If I’m crying, he will immediately come to my rescue—jump in my lap and lick my tears off.

This is the most beautiful thing that I have learned from him. Sometimes, all you need to do is to be there for your loved ones. It’s not about advising or fixing. It’s simply understanding their pain and holding space for them, and he does that very well.

3. When you want something, be cute!

With his cute face and adorable whining, it is almost impossible to refuse to play with him or give him what he wants. Sometimes, that also includes almost falling off the bed because he wants the entire space to himself.

4. Loving someone means being patient.

He waits for us the whole day. He knows the return time of every member of the family and waits by the door—no questions, no complaints.

5. Love means being insecure.

Some amount of insecurity in relationships is good. When we don’t come home on time, he worries. When we come home, he fights with us, complains, and questions, and cries because he has been waiting to spend time with us. He’s always worried about us.

6. Love means giving extra time and attention.

The best part about going out on trips and coming home after a few days is that we get special attention from him. We become his priority. If he could talk, he would probably be asking us to give an update about everything we did, including how much we missed him.

7. Life shouldn’t be all work.

There has to be play! He wants to play at odd hours—seven in the morning or 12 a.m. at night. With his cute antics, it’s difficult to refuse and when we do end up playing, it’s happiness galore!

8. When you miss them, show it.

I have come home to him sleeping on my bed, on my blanket, only because he was missing me.

We humans talk so much, express so much. Yet, struggle to understand some basic things about ourselves and others. My little mutt, without using any words, has taught me so much about love.

It’s in the emotions that flow within, and between everything and everyone who lives.


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