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March 1, 2021

Be an Agent of Kindness

I decided to ramp up my service to others in 2021. It shows up in the littlest BIG ways, or is it the biggest little ways? The other day I wheeled a client’s garbage can up from the curb on my way in to her house because I was walking right by it just like I would at home. They feel like family and I knew her husband would appreciate it.
Yesterday I told the drive through cashier at Starbucks that she was super friendly and had an inviting voice. Ordering my coffee put me in a better mood and I suggested she tell her manager. She lit up like a Christmas tree, or a menorah.
This morning I went on an animal shelter website. There was a pic of the saddest dog named Foxy, staring into a corner. It made my insides ache. I rescued a “Foxy” named Foxy before children. He had been in a car accident and had hip replacements and stitches everywhere. I took Alan to meet him and Alan asked why I wanted a “broken” dog. That is exactly what drew me right him and of course, we took him straight home.
The Foxy from this morning was dumped after 2 years with his family. We all know a dog’s capacity to love. This baby’s heart had been smashed into pieces. Another family adopted this him and brought Foxy back in 7 days. That’s not even long enough to get used to a new pair of shoes.
There were oodles of comments on Facebook on his adoption post,”I wish I could”, “I live too far,” etc. so I posted, ”Who wants to help me donate to pay for this dog to be transported to a new home? !”
The new parents would have to agree to allow Foxy to adjust to new surroundings and to set reasonable expectations to mend a twice broken heart.
I wanted the conversation to go from impossible to possible.
The next comment was from a Robin S Wild who said she couldn’t take the dog but she would drive him to whoever would make a home for him.
This took 3 minutes out of my day but it turned the thinking from “why we can’t” to “how we can”. This is how we make sh?t happen.
You may be thinking, ”Big deal. Whoop dee do”.
But for Foxy it could mean salvation and for the others, day changer or possibly game changer.
I recall every kind gesture that comes my way and it is often transformative to my “mood”, if I’m in one. It often comes right when I need it.
Be an agent of kindness. Look for easy ways to make your mark. If we all do that, it could change the world. Pay for the person’s coffee behind you in line. Go to the vet and donate money for an animal/family in crisis. You will change them forever. Bake for a friend who needs to be reminded that life is sweet. Pull your neighbor’s garbage can up and don’t even tell them it was you. We could all use a little magic. Be someone’s secret admirer or better yet, use Valentine’s Day as the best possible excuse to tell someone all the reasons you like or ❤️ them, and write it down.
Then notice that you may feel even better as the giver than your lucky recipient. Let’s take better care of each other. Kindness is contagious. Pay it forward. And then share to inspire us to keep living The Golden Rule. ✨
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