March 8, 2021

How Living in the Present Moment can Help us Find Ourselves.

I am this moment.

Taking a moment to heal is what the world really needs.

We need to reassess why we’re here and what to do about it. We need to take better care of ourselves, others, and the sacred Earth. We need to stop living our lives waiting for life to start—we just have to start living. We have to discover who we are meant to be by living in the moment. We need to be mindfully surrendering to the goodness of life.

We don’t have to have it all together to start seeing the wonders of life. If we live in the here and the now, we will see it every day. We don’t need to compare ourselves to others. Seek radical self-acceptance so you can stop competing. Love yourself so you can lead a better life and know you are worth everything. All you have to do is trust yourself and that inside you something knows you truly are—and value that.

There are people who will always have it worse than we do. There are people who will always have it better. That’s not how we must define our worth. Our worth is innate. It comes from how we live and what we give, not what we have or how people rate us. It will never be enough if we compete and compare. Our life may have moments of dissatisfaction or even depression, but we are still worth knowing and loving. Our feelings are valid. Our soul is valued.

Do not invalidate your pain with “toxic positivity” or forced joy when you feel sorrow. We have a right to be here. We have a right to feel things. In order to feel, we must acknowledge that we are stronger than we think we are, better than what we believe. Acknowledge yourself. Sit with your feelings. Let them flow through you. Let them ask of you what is meant to be done and let them help you see what matters.

Let’s take a breather from our negative thoughts and the way we fight each moment for peace. Literally. Take a deep breath in for a few seconds, hold, and release the negative thoughts. Let what you inhale be receiving joy and love from the universe and what you exhale be what no longer works for you. It’s never too late to tell yourself a new story of who you are and what must be done.

We don’t have to solve it all right now. It will come together if we allow it and release the need for control. We can be this moment. We can let our mindset shift to the present. We can let our mind wander, let our soul soar. We can focus on what we have right here, right now, before it slips away. The past is part of us; it can call us. So can our future. But right now, our present is calling—and it needs answering.

“All I am in is in the here and the now. I am this moment.”

When we become one with the present, we start to see the things we have been missing all along. The way we can continue to be in the moment is practice. Every day. Give yourself an hour to let go of the narrative your mind is telling you and pick up some peace. Meditate on what matters.

When we decide something, we become powerful. When we decide “no more,” we solve problems and solidify our standards. We live our truth. We are all starving for truth. What we must do when we have a morsel of meaning, is we make it last. We make it matter. We dig deeper. We see clearer. In the moment that is full of morsels of meaning. Can you find them?

When we are living in the moment, we decide who we want to be. Our thoughts do not control us. We control our perception. We can make a difference by showing up, by deciding to be here, whether or not we have all the answers. We take back our lives.

The moment is ours. We are experiencing the present time so we can live with purpose. We live that way long enough, and we’re not shaken by struggle—we are strengthened by it.

In the moment, we have an eternity. If that’s all we focus on, we can live there for a while. When we slow down our focuses, we find our footing. We find ourselves. And that is everything.

Moment to moment, we have a choice: are we going to be fully present or not? With that choice, we direct our lives. Our very essence or being depends on us being engaged with our experiences rather than simply exploring what might come next.

Appreciation happens. Let it engulf you completely. Let it become your only ambition. Understand what you have is temporary, but your love for it is eternal. When we love something, it becomes a part of us. When we recognize the good, we feel the good. We become it.

In that way, we have everything we need. We have the tools inside us to build a better life, by being in the moment. We can’t change everything, but we can change ourselves. We can choose ourselves. We can remember at all that we have choice.

And that’s how we become the moment itself. We give into the universe as it pulls and pushes us. We stop fighting our reality and start accepting where we are. Nothing can undo that power we would have over ourselves if we lived that way. We can find meaning. We can build a life. We can have a purpose. All by stopping and sitting a few times a day, seeing what we’re supposed to see.

The moment is calling you.

Will you answer?



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