March 26, 2021

What Sexual Energy Really Is.

Our sexual energy is a fascinating force.

“Was walking around in a bit of a daze afterward.

It was amazing! I just relaxed and breathed gently through a kaleidoscope of colour. These beautiful sensations like tiny pulses moved up my body. Followed by one big intense orgasm that went right up to my heart down my arms and kept going! The contractions up my body really intense felt amazing! Never experienced one like that before! Definitely would like more of that! It felt really good and soo welcome.”

This was an experience I shared with a woman I’m working with in the United Kingdom (I’m in South Africa).

Energy is not limited to time or space; it’s everywhere.

It’s part life force, part vitality, part creativity, part human, part spirit. And so, so delicious!

It’s mysterious, magical, magnetic. And once you’ve had a taste of it, a touch, once you’ve felt it inside of you, once you’ve experienced it in your body, you just want more.

When we start seeing sex as an energy experience rather than just a physical experience, so much changes for us.

First, we begin to see how every experience is different. We allow ourselves to go where the energy takes us. We swim in the ocean of pleasure and the currents will flow us into so many expressions, so many experiences of this ocean.

Sometimes it’s still, so still.

Sometimes it’s gentle, soft, envelopes us in warmth, rocks us in safety and tenderness.

Sometimes it’s a storm that rips us open, exposes the core of who we are, turns us, our lives inside out, takes who we thought we were and tears that mask to pieces.

Sometimes it’s a wild ride into pleasure, emotion, sensation, opening our bodies, our nerves to a depth we never thought possible.

Sometimes it’s a portal, an opening that has nothing to do with sex, that takes us to where the Goddess waits for us to reveal herself, to show us how she is behind everything. And sometimes it takes us to where the wolf waits for us by the fire to show us the power within us.

Sometimes it’s Spirit in whatever form we perceive that, showing us the magnificent beauty, the wonder of who we are.

Sometimes it’s a guide, a teacher, showing us truth.

Sometimes it’s healing, moving us from the hurt of the past to the freedom of love.

Our sexual energy is so many things, different every day.

I teach about the patterns we live with and the expectations these patterns bring. This is particularly prevalent during sex. Especially when all that you’ve felt it doing is having goal-oriented, friction sex. When it’s about energy that changes so quickly.

It becomes about being present, to the moment, to the feeling, to the experience, to our bodies, to our hearts.

Present to the experience of now.

This energy is limitless, as we experience more of it, so more is revealed.

And in time we see that it’s about so much more than our genitals. It’s everywhere, all the time, crackling with the intimacy of life, of living from the heart. It’s in the way we look at the morning sun. It’s in the way we taste coffee. It’s in the way we look at our lovers, our children. It’s in the way we touch. It’s in the way we breathe.

And it’s the deliciousness, the wonder, of an orgasm happening halfway around the world.

Imagine what we could do with more of that…

It’s the energy of bliss, the bliss of being alive, of being a lover.

A lover of life.


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