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March 31, 2021

What Are The Benefits Of Milk Thistle

Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) is a perennial herb believed to have medicinal properties. The seeds contain silymarin, a group of compounds said to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Milk thistle is commonly used as a home remedy to treat liver problems, often under the presumption that it will “detoxify” the liver. Milk thistle is an upright herb which can grow to be 30 to 200 cm (12 to 79 in) tall, and have an overall conical shape. The approximate maximum base diameter is 160 cm (63 in). The stem is grooved and may be covered in a light cottony fuzz.The largest specimens have hollow stems. The leaves are oblong to lanceolate and 15–60 cm long and typically pinnately lobed, with spiny edges like most thistles. They are hairless, shiny green, with milk-white veins.

Benefits Of Milk Thistle :

Although milk thistle is most frequently used for liver conditions, like hepatitis and cirrhosis, the herb is believed some to stop or treat high cholesterol, diabetes, heartburn, indigestion (dyspepsia), hangover, gallbladder problems, menstrual pain, depression, and even certain sorts of cancer. Few of those claims are supported by hard evidence.

Liver Disease:
Some preliminary studies have suggested that silymarin may improve liver function by keeping toxic substances from binding to liver cells. However, studies on the milk thistle’s is the best liver detox effectiveness in treating liver disorders have yielded mixed results.

Protect Your Bones:

Milk thistle has been shown in experimental test-tube and animal studies to stimulate bone mineralization and potentially be protective against bone loss.

Help Treat Acne :

One study has shown that people taking milk thistle supplements experienced a decrease in the number of acne lesions on their body.

Help in Diabetes:

Several studies have suggested that milk thistle may be beneficial for people with diabetes, most notably in those with type 2 diabetes.

Supplements containing milk thistle are sold in natural foods stores, drugstores, and stores specializing in herbal products. You can also purchase milk thistle products online.

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