April 29, 2021

Dave Grohl on Fire: New Album, new Documentary & Performing with his Daughter Violet.

Is there anything cooler than a rockstar casually playing a song with his daughter on Jimmy Kimmel’s show?

Probably not much, but there is more to this.

During the interview before the performance, Grohl tells the story when he found out that the drummer of the legendary band “X” is a distant relative of his. What makes it even funnier is that his grandmother found out that DJ Bonebrake is part of their family.

Covering the song “Nausea”—originally from Bonebrake’s band “X”—with his daughter Violet is closing the circle—what a family. And before you ask—yes, Bonebrake is the actual maiden name of Grohl’s grandmother.

Not only that, but Grohl also announced the release of his new documentary “What Drives Us,” which will premiere end of April 2021. I can’t wait to see Ringo Starr (The Beatles), Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Flea (RHCP), and Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) share their story of becoming rockstars with their friend Dave.

Grohl’s intention behind this documentary is to share the magic that happens when a bunch of musicians follow their passion, rent a van, and go on tour. After publicly speaking up against the idea of casting shows, he wants to show us the difference between following our passion and solely focussing on fame.

As a musician myself, I cannot express how much I second that. Thinking about the years with my band always reminds me of the moments that happened in between concerts, studio sessions, and other duties—it was always about doing what you love with your best friends—that’s where the magic happens.

I hope this documentary has the power to shift our perception of what it means to be an artist. Grohl, like no other, keeps pushing the narrative of musicians needing to be raw and authentic instead of being another artificial product that is designed to entertain certain target groups.

Playing music with others is one of the most honest connections we can create, and Grohl sets an example by forming a so-called superband with his daughter Violet, Dave Lombardo (Slayer), and Krist Novoselic (Nirvana).

Of course, Grohl is also a pretty talented promoter as he pushes his documentary, new album, and another documentary produced by his mother (From cradle to Stage), but he still manages to not come across like an over motivated salesperson trying to dump their product on us—maybe because he really loves and cares about what he is doing?

I can’t wait to watch “What Drives Us,” and until the release, I will keep watching this amazing performance of father and daughter at Jimmy Kimmel’s show.



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