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April 25, 2021

Unapologetically Me

How we speak to ourselves is critical of the thoughts we have and who we are being and becoming. Writing down your positive attributes and reading them daily is the most powerful method of rewiring your neuropathways for positive thoughts. So, I share my conscious self talk and encourage you to consider “ how do you talk to yourself when no one else is listening?”
I am worth the effort because I am a rare find. I may be a diamond in the rough, but I am beautiful, authentic and pure inside and out.
I am an amazing mother, friend, daughter, and leader. People gravitate to me because I am real, authentic and transparent. I share my whole self unapologetically because my experiences make me who I am. My past has taught me to be strong and resilient. I have learned to persevere, and rise, despite all obstacles. My empathy, care and compassion are born out of my struggles and pain. Difficult relationships have taught me boundaries and self worth. I have learned to value myself and be assertive while also picking and choosing my battles.
What does this mean for you?
I am a woman with standards & integrity. I will push you to expand your perspectives and become your best self. I will hold you to a high standard and support you every step in the journey. I will grow and learn alongside you rising to every challenge.
I am a role model for my friends, family children and colleges, because I value myself and strive to be the best version of myself every day. I share my struggles openly to elicit comfort in others that they are not alone in their experience and it is not unique to them.
I love hard and deeply offering passion, compassion and affirmation. My commitment to humans is what sets me apart from the pack. I am reliable and always available. I will love all that matters, unconditionally, turning weeds into flowers and rain into sunshine.
My optimism may be my nemesis, but I believe in manifesting anything is possible and curating a beautiful life is essential.
I am not like anyone else and that is what makes me a rare and valuable find. If you choose me, hold on, it will be an exceptional ride! You will never look back in regret, and will always move forward in excited anticipation of the next adventure alongside yours truly.
What is your script? How can you reframe the way you talk to yourself? What seeds of confidence can you plant in your brain to help you become the best version of yourself?
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