May 26, 2021

The 7 Daily Shifts to Step into Growth, Change & Expansion.

We make thousands of decisions every day, unconsciously.

And every decision we make is one that we’ve made countless times before unless we are consciously driving a new one. 

And like the creatures of habit that we little humans are, it’s easy to get stuck in patterns of stagnant decisions that do not serve us. We keep making the same old choices as a result of the same old beliefs, and continue getting the same old results.

Then, years hit you in the face, and you realize where you’re at. The discomfort of being where you don’t want to be, where you don’t belong, becomes too great to continue ignoring. 

You feel the pull of growth, change, and expansion. A desire that aches for something greater, something more. And you suddenly start to get better glimpses of the giant. It’s been there all along, but you’ve gotten really good at ignoring it.

The gap from here to where you want to be feels like an ocean. You’ve given way your power for so long that you’ve forgotten how to swim.

To face yourself in the mirror is to see someone you don’t even recognize. 

Someone who has been:


shrinking for others

playing small

not showing up

not living how you really want

living in fear 

not doing what you really want

and people pleasing for so long that grabbing for air seems impossible.

There is just too much weighing you down. I’ve been there, done that so many times, I’ve lost count.

It is not easy to look back and see all the wrong turns you’ve taken. All the pain, regret, lessons burned and learned that still sting like a MF. But you keep looking. So you keep finding. The same.

You ignore the truth within.

You ignore the messages from your body.

You ignore the messages from your heart.

You ignore the signs from the universe/God/source.

You ignore the higher power placed inside you for guidance.

Life throws us lemons, and somehow, we convince ourselves that we should listen to that outside world, and ignore the giant within.

But the giant won’t stop with the subtle and blatant hints and pushes along the way, trying to remind you that you are meant for more.

And you start to notice that somewhere along the way, self-fulfilling prophecies, old subconscious programming, sabotaging habits, and poisonous thoughts became the norm, and you didn’t even realize it.

So many times, instead of forgiving and loving yourself through those hard waters, you go even deeper into an internal war. Because that’s what you’ve always done. Blame yourself. Blame other people. Blame this thing or the other. Avoid responsibility. Avoid what you feel. Avoid where the giant is trying to guide you to.

We give away our power as if we are helpless. You think it is old you versus new you. You think it is you against some exterior force like luck or the weather. You think it is a battle of good and evil. But no—it has really always been you and you. You trying to lead yourself back home to yourself. 

The you you see in the mirror knowing it can do, have, and be more because the you inside has always said so. The you inside doesn’t just wonder and hope. It believes. It knows.

It’s that voice inside you regret not listening to because it’s always and only truth. Your truth. 

That’s you. That’s the giant within. The one you should be paying attention to over anything and everything and everyone. The one who is always right because it knows you better than everyone because it is you. 

But just because we can’t control every moving part to know exactly when and how life will work out, we doubt it. We keep looking back instead of taking giant, blind leaps forward. And we forget a little bit more each time that we are creators, too.

When you look back at the past with regret, shame, or guilt, you disconnect from the giant who is only grateful for that past because it led you to be pointed forward today. And by default, you get more of the same baggage you’re trying to get rid of.

Everything that has happened in your life has made you who you are, and who you are becoming. Without those events, you wouldn’t be where you are today. 

You wouldn’t know what you want more clearly each day. You wouldn’t have the love or appreciation that you have for the things and people you do.

There can be no light without the darkness, remember? You came here, chose this ride, and hand-picked those wrong turns so that you would figure out a way to pull yourself up even higher. 

You chose this life because you knew you had what it takes to make it a f*cking amazing one. 

Even if you had a rough start. Even if you’ve had a hard road. Even with more periods of thinking that you’re stuck than you’d like to admit to yourself. Even with the skeletons in your closet.

You chose this life because deep down inside, you know that you have what it takes to create it into anything you want.

You are more powerful than you remember, but that’s okay because here we are. And I challenge you to own it right now.

Own that you have an internal guiding system, and focus on connecting to it daily with these seven shifts:

1. Embody that you are an ever-evolving being who will always want more. When you reach the next level, you’ll look around, and ask what next? When you reach that next level, the same damn thing is going to happen. Accept that the process never ends, and enjoy the ride!

2. Honor that your past choices led you to today, and even though you thought you were lost, you have been on track the whole time. You can’t be focused on mistakes from the past and big dreams for the future at the same time. Stop looking back, and start looking forward. Find satisfaction in today, and in the tomorrow you want to create.

3. Acknowledge that it is okay to want more, but it is not okay to ignore, neglect, and avoid the calling inside you to do, have, be more. Listening to and trusting yourself is a practice. The more you do it, the more you know what you’re doing. You want more because it is already yours waiting to be claimed. 

4. Accept that since you want different experiences, you have to make different choices. Choices in the way you think, speak, and the things you do. Choices that align with the real you in the present, and the you you want to be tomorrow—not the you in the past, or the you everyone expects.

5. Embrace that making different choices and having different experiences means willingly stepping into the unknown. It’s called the unknown because you don’t have all the answers or a blueprint for the future.  Follow your flow and you’ll be under the influence of your giant.

6. Listen to the giant within you who knows what you really want and, if you let it, will guide you right to it. Ignore the world, listen, and act accordingly.

7. Remember that the only thing you really have to “do” is listen to the giant within you. A vibe with your giant, in thought, is more powerful than a thousand misaligned actions you take, even with the best intentions at heart.

Everything you need is truly inside you. All the clarification, healing, joy, answers, and direction to where you want to go in this life.

How will you stay the course for you today?


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