May 25, 2021

A Tribute to Self-Love.

Self-love demands when we make excuses.

Self-love requires when we want to let things slide.

Self-love embraces what is when we are trapped in the illusion of what can be.

Self-love whispers the words of wisdom from our spirits when our egos are a deafening roar.

Self-love advocates for us to enforce our boundaries as a way to protect our energy when we ache to be liked, loved, and accepted.

Self-love tests us in uncomfortable, embarrassing, rejected, and shameful situations when we aren’t following our core values.

Self-love wants us to value ourselves when we are abandoning ourselves.

Self-love challenges us to speak our truth when we feel it would be easier and less volatile if we didn’t.

Self-love brings contentment when we find ourselves looking externally for validation.

Self-love wants us to feel the full spectrum of emotions when we only want to be “love and light.”

Self-love wants us free when we are stuck in life cycles that have far surpassed their expiry date.

Self-love doesn’t welcome dysfunction when we are wanting to chase unavailable people who don’t show up for us.

Self-love speaks kindly and with acceptance when we want to talk ourselves down for our failings.

Self-love is the gateway to self-forgiveness when we spend too long in our anger.

Self-love wants us to live large when we try and shrink ourselves to make others feel more comfortable.

Self-love wants our needs to be a priority when we are accepting less than we deserve.

Self-love is understanding when we are desperate for others to understand us.

Self-love lives in the present and looks to the future when we want to revisit the past, hoping for it be different this time.

Self-love is the way forward in living when we remain stagnant.

Self-love is the answer when we ask the right question.



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Read 21 comments and reply

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