May 11, 2021

She’s not Waxed, but she’s Vaxxed!

She’s not waxed, but she’s vaxxed!

I meant to write this sooner, but I was sleeping all day. (Rightly so, yes?)

Anyway, hi! Here I am a day later.

I wanted to write about my experience and open a dialogue for people who are scared/going back and forth on whether or not to get the vaccine. Trust me when I tell you I was petrified. My mom is still telling me how shocked she was that I set the appointment all on my own.

It was a big deal, guys. Let me explain:

Have you ever heard of “Vasovagal Syncope?” It means I mentally stress myself the f*ck out so much that my body just decides to shut down for a blip. I faint. I’m a fainter.

To put it into context, I’ve had multiple cavities filled without Novocaine (numbing) because I legitimately would rather that pain than the idea of a needle. (Don’t be like me in this regard.)

I decided it was time to stop being such a dang weenie and do something for the greater good. Be a team player.

Okay, well, I had my done at King Soopers (our local grocery store and pharmacy). I really wasn’t expecting them to take “great” care of me. (And, again, I’m the person who avoids this sh*t as much as possible…it’s embarrassing to faint, you know?!)

But, boy, was I wrong! And I can’t tell you how good it feels to have overcome this fear.

P.S. I didn’t faint. The pharmacist was incredible. We chatted about why I faint/my fears, and she taught me a breathing exercise. I was almost crying because I was so grateful. It was such a powerful reminder of how far kindness can go.


If you have any questions, comments, or fears, comment below! I’d love to tell you more about my experience!

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