May 4, 2021

Was it Really the Best time for you to Leave, Dad?

There were so many things I should have said to you, but we never really had this kind of relationship.

There was no one in the world I thought was more talented and full of joy than you were. You made everyone smile with your positive energy even when you had so many burdens over your head.

We all chose you over our plans that might have been important to us at the time. We chose you because you always put us before yourself in every decision you ever made. You should have stayed a little bit longer; you didn’t get to see your kids transform into the mature adults they are today.

Everything has changed now that you’re gone. It feels like you left us with so many responsibilities, and even though we were brave enough to face everything ourselves, it was something that we didn’t expect to be so hard. Losing you was hard enough, and now we had to go about our lives without you—without your generous and kind spirit, without your sense of humor, without your love for life, without your warmth and love.

I will never forget the times you woke up in the middle of the night just to check up on us.

I will never forget the times you were in pain and would still go out of your way to help us.

I will never forget the fun times we spent together on the balcony while you played the guitar.

I will never forget the times you wanted to take charge of the kitchen and make your overcooked extra soya dishes.

I will never forget how you always treated me like a little princess even when I wasn’t so little anymore.

I will never forget how you used to come and cheer me up every time you felt I was down.

I will never forget how you disentangled all our problems from the biggest to the smallest of things.

It hurt me so much to see you suffer, and I know that you are in a much better place now, free from all the pain, the sadness, and the sorrow. Even if that was true, I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to you.

I know that I have evolved into the person I am today because of everything I had to go through. It definitely wasn’t the most ideal turn of events, but I value myself for everything I am and everything I have accomplished so far, in spite of everything—and I know you feel the same.

I hope whenever you look down, you see the woman you wanted me to become. I know I will always be your little princess—I still am, but with super powers.

Your absence inspires me to make you more proud than before. I hope I never let you down and become the best I can be.



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Read 8 comments and reply

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