May 19, 2021

What to Expect from the powerful Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius. {May 26-June 10}

“Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ ed

The unknown we experience during big transitions is a scary place. 

Still, we cannot access our power to create new versions of ourselves or our lives without entering the void, the chaos, and being able to sit with the uncertainty, the unfamiliar, and the unknown.

Think of the caterpillar that builds its cocoon out of instinct. It is unaware that it will never return to the life it has lived as that particular being, unaware that it will remain isolated in the darkness of that cocoon, like a dark grave, until the time is right for it to emerge completely transformed.

Before it realizes the magic of being reborn as a butterfly, it must work to break out of its cocoon as it awakens to its strange new identity. It does this without knowing what changes it has experienced or what lies outside of the darkness it has been confined to as it underwent its amazing transformation.

It breaks out of its cocoon simply because it must, and it must, indeed, work very hard to break from this cocoon. Without this work, it would not get its blood pumped into these new wings. Without this work, its transformation will never be complete. ​

Without the willingness to enter into the darkness of the cocoon—to face the death of the existence it has known—the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly would not be possible. Without the drive, willingness, instinct, and compulsion to work and break free of the now constraining and no longer useful confines of the once necessary cocoon, the butterfly would not be able to survive in its new form—it would not be able to fly.

Sagittarius is a fire sign, but it’s mutable in quality; it is highly changeable. We can experience the mutable quality as instability and uncertainty, or we can harness it as adaptability and versatility. Sagittarius is about the “big truth”—our personal truth. It is about higher and broader perspectives, beliefs, philosophies, faith, and optimism.

Sagittarius is the centaur bounding through the forest. It is the Fool taking the leap of faith holding the belief that it will all work out in the end, venturing boldly into the unknown, unaware that the journey ahead will be one of great transformation—a journey from which he/she will never return (at least not to the same place in life as the same person he/she was when he/she began).

With the coming full moon eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26th, we have a chance to get a view of our bigger picture—where we are coming from and where we are headed. This full moon is a jumping-off point into the two-week-long eclipse portal that will close with the new moon eclipse in Gemini on June 10th. Eclipses are times of great change, of some cycles coming to completion and others beginning.

Sagittarius is the sign of our personal truths and beliefs. With the May 26th full moon eclipse, our deepest values, truest desires, highest hopes, and most cherished dreams will be illuminated—if we are paying attention. If we are, we can anchor into our faith, optimism, and belief in our desired destination and use it as our foundation—our “calm in the eye of the storm”—as we move through the upcoming eclipse portal to the June 10th new moon eclipse in Gemini. Our new beginning and gateway to “the new.”

One of the most important things we can do is to take action. Just begin. Just take a step, any step, forward. We must not allow ourselves to become paralyzed or frozen trying to make the perfect choice or action. Remember, it is easier to adjust our direction when we are moving. Just take a step. We can make corrections as we go, as long as we are going. If we want things to be different, we have to start doing things differently. We start where we are, right here, right now. This is the only way we will ever make a change in our lives. We must, at some point, begin doing things differently.

Remember the Fool taking the leap of faith? What faith, what belief, what truth will this Sagittarian full moon eclipse be revealing to you?

Keep in mind also that the May 26th full moon eclipse in Sagittarius is a south node eclipse. That means it shows us the past and what we are moving away from and that which we already know and have already mastered. Our truth will be illuminated at this full moon eclipse, and we will want to hold that truth close. We will want to trust in our truth and let it be our guide as we set out into the unknown—through the eclipse portal.

Just like the caterpillar that follows the urge to build its cocoon, we must surrender to the process of transformation. Then, just as the emerging butterfly that, again, follows the instinct to fight its way out of the cocoon that it was driven to build in the past, we must break free to survive.

We want to follow our truth—and be sure it is our truth and not our fear—and just simply do what we feel urged to do next. When we trust and take action based upon our core truth, we can befriend the unknown, knowing we will be guided to the next step when it is time, and navigate any challenges with grace as we surrender (not submit) to the process of transformation. We trust we will know when it is time to cocoon and when it is time to break free.

Eclipses are known for bringing significant change to our lives. Don’t expect it to be comfortable if your comfort is found only in the familiar.

Whatever faith, belief, or truth the May 26th full moon in Sagittarius illuminates for us, we must keep it close and trust in our own truth—let it be our guide. Holding onto that truth, faith, belief—by trusting within—we can befriend the unknown and harness the transformative power of the eclipses. We can surrender with grace and release what no longer serves us. It’s the death of our old consciousness—life and self as we have previously known them—so we can emerge, born again with wings.

This eclipse season, we are reminded that we need both the light and the dark, summer and winter, feminine and masculine, rest and action in this life.

There is a season for all things in life, and each one, each piece—each stage of birth and death and action and rest and creation and destruction—is equally necessary and valuable. But we must take that leap of faith like the Fool. And, like the instinct of the caterpillar, it will tell us when the time is right for each step along our journey of transformation.

Only then do we find that security of coming home to ourselves.

Only then do we experience the stability and safety found in honoring our truth and surrendering to the journey.

Because only then are we able to come into the authority that is our birthright as cocreators of our experience of life with the Universe and claim the thrones of our hearts, and rule with wise sovereignty over our realms.


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