June 23, 2021

A Walk in the Woods: Trust the Voice that Rises from the Stillness. 

When I seek answers, I retreat into the sanctuary of my thoughts.

The route I take is often along a soft, earthy path that leads me into the woods.

Once I enter the sanctum and stillness of the forest, the smell of autumn rain, upon fallen leaves and moss-covered logs, fills my entire being with peace.

My breathing slows and my steps soften.

Tall cedar and fir defenders, having stood for hundreds of years, blanket me from the wind and shield me from the noise of the outside world.

Now I’m free to dream; to let my inner child loose and allow her to run free with the magic of her imagination.

Mushroom caps become hovels to small gnomelike creatures, dragonflies, and other winged insects. They transform and become fairies and elves who dance on tree branches, sprinkling dew drops onto the tips of the forest foliage below.

Rays of light stream in between lush fern, foxgloves, and trillium petals creating the highway while the pixies, brownies, and imps tiptoe upon and move through the woodlands.

The hidden faces within giant boulders that protect the riverbank, emerge and keep watch over all living things that come to sit and heal by the water’s edge.

As my inner child explores the forest and creates her own magic, my mind rests, my body heals, and my spirit connects to her highest self, and then the answers come.

For most of our lives, we’re busy moving fast and making noise. Allow yourself to stop, to walk quietly on the earth, and trust the voice rising out of the stillness. This is the voice of your soul gifting you with the wisdom you seek.

If you’re struggling, seeking answers, or want to spend time with your “real” self, go to the forest, exhale, and take a walk in the woods.


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