June 5, 2021

5 Natural Wonders for Healing & Spiritual Awakening.

Our world is so vast, so unique, so extraordinary.

If you’re here reading this, you probably believe, like me, that Earth is incredibly sacred.

To connect with the earth and the galaxy is also to connect with ourselves and our souls, which both hold the power of healing energy.

There are many natural wonders that can guide us to healing. They offer us the kind of beauty beyond human life that will cause our hearts to feel full. We probably don’t fully appreciate these wonders until they stumble right upon us. We may not find gratitude in these astonishments until we’ve shambled out of the darkness, ready for a spiritual awakening.

Healing through the universe, and the exploration of our world will lead us down the most wonderful paths.

During the past few years, I have found that a connection to nature plays a major role in our healing journey: spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional.

Being surrounded by the reality of the universe holds a power so wonderful; it allows us to delve deeper within ourselves and connect intensely with our body, spirit, and soul.

Here are five natural wonders that will bring a greater appreciation for this universe and for yourself:

1. The Sun  

Our sun brings us much warmth and love.

She also brings us life, whether it be human, animal, or plant; without the sun, there would be no life. It’s like that of a simple math problem. The sun can turn a bad day into one that makes you smile, laugh, and feel joy.

To sit outside in her rays and feel the gloriously warm energy in our hearts, the sun has the ability to make us happy.

For the sun to guide us on our healing journey, we need to be intentional about exposing ourselves to her light.

Take 30 minutes out of your day to go sit outside and just be. Sit on the ground with your legs crossed, shut your eyes, and breathe deeply. Feel the warmth of the sun with each breath that you take, noticing how your skin lights up with energy as the rays shine down on your body.

If you would like to be even more intentional, journal about how you feel in the present moment with the sun shining down on your glorious body. Describe how grateful you are for the light, warmth, and love that she brings. 

The sun’s rays hold so much beauty and energy. Once you become intentional with how you spend your time basking under her sublime rays, you can harness her energy and use it to delve deep into your character, well-being, and existence.

2. Stars and The Galaxy

The stars and the night sky really are a spectacular part of nature.

When we admire them greatly, we unlock the potential to appreciate all that is beyond us.  

Take a step outside on a clear night and look up. How do the stars look? Do they glisten brightly? Can you find a shooting star?

Google the constellations and go wild trying to find them in the starry night sky. Embrace the darkness and the stillness of the late hours. Place your hand on your chest and realize you are part of something much bigger than yourself.

The night’s galaxy has the power to lead you to your own personal growth and healing because it gives you the ability to admire all that you do not even know.

Understanding that there is a world beyond this earth you are unaware of allows you to put things into perspective. It allows you to be grateful for all that you are blessed with.

From this, you can determine what in your life is worth the pressure and stresses and what is not.

3. Trees

The closest connection to the natural world that we can find is the wilderness itself.

Trees are unique, much like you and I. And when you search closely enough, they are a shining example of how we must all celebrate our individuality.

Take a minute to go for a walk. Notice how many different kinds of trees there are.

And now, how many of the similar types of trees look identical? I presume it would be none, as I have done this task myself.

Be intentional and watch how they move in the breeze. Listen to them creaking as they sway. By marveling at all their differences, we can make the connection that people are similar to trees in a way.

Humans are of different colors, different builds, different movements. Once you learn acceptance of that which is unalike, you learn kindness, and kindness heals all.

4. Water

The divinity of water, and all that is created from it, holds the power to soothe our soul and help us focus on the now.

Firstly, consider where this natural wonder can be found near you. Now, I want you to go there.

It may be a running creek, a waterfall, or a lake. Sit intently, once you’re there. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Listen to the trickling of the water and the birds frolicking around their life source.

Go outside and dance in the rain. Move your body and fully notice the drops trickle down your skin. How does it feel? What does it smell like?

Water has soothing properties that contribute to healing. Furthermore, it allows us to focus on our senses. These senses play a major role in triggering memories and past experiences and give us the opportunity to work on overcoming our triggers.

5. Wind

The magnificent breeze that comes with every season, though seemingly overlooked by most, has the potential to fill our hearts with love.

Only recently did I stumble on such appreciation for the earth’s breeze. To tell you the truth, I only felt grateful for this natural wonder when, one day, it was no longer there.

Additionally, a simple task to find a connection with the wind is to go on a walk. Notice which way your hair blows, the light sensation that the gentle wind brings to your face and exposed skin.

Close your eyes for a moment as you walk and truly feel that sensation, allowing it to touch your soul and fill your heart with admiration for such a beautiful creation.

The healing properties of wind aren’t so straightforward; it’s more about finding gratitude in other natural wonders that we often take for granted.

For me, it was the breeze, and allowing myself to feel such love and appreciation for something so simple allowed me to dive deeply inward and uncover things that I’d taken for granted.

What simplicities in life are you taking for granted right now? Use your answer to look within yourself and find the parts that are unappreciative.

The best way that we can use natural wonders to help us heal and grow is to get outdoors with intention.

Search for meaning in your surroundings and open your heart up to the sounds, smells, and sights that are all around you.

Continue to be adventurous. Be unconventional.

Focus on personal growth, but most importantly, have gratitude and appreciation, so you are able to connect deeply with yourself. 


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