June 23, 2021

Ashley Graham’s Inspiring Advice for anyone Struggling to Embrace their “Summer Body.”

It’s officially summertime in the United States, which means beaches, bikinis, sun, shorts—and way too many of us feeling self-conscious about baring our bodies.

While I consider myself someone who’s relatively happy with the way I look, I’m not immune to the pressure that starts building as the snow fades and spring settles in and a dull panic begins to grow as we all start to stress about getting our “summer body” back.

I find myself worrying about how those little pudges of skin near my armpit will look depending on what tank top I wear. Or whether my bathing suit from last year still hugs my stomach the same way. Or if the shorts I bought are going to suffocate my thighs.

Honestly, it can be exhausting.

But then I remember how freeing it feels to expose my skin to the sun. To not be confined by heavy sweaters and coats and winter armor. To wake up in the morning and throw on my short shorts and that top that shows off my arms (and let’s be honest, my boobs) and let my hair fly around wild as I start my day.

I remember how good it feels to lay on the beach next to my guy, and catch him checking out my ass in my bathing suit. To throw on a simple dress that shows off every curve, pull my hair in a bun, say screw it to makeup, and enjoy a fruity drink as the sun sets.

I remember how strong I feel when I’m in my yoga pants and sports bra flowing through vinyasas in a yoga studio or doing HIIT workouts in my living room and then run outside, flushed and sweaty, to walk my dog or grab something from the supermarket.

I can stress about my “summer body,” and I still will on occasion because I’m human, but I can also embrace this real-talk from model and body positivity champion, Ashley Graham:

“It’s hot out there and so are you.”

Graham shared this message in an Instagram post that featured her own nude selfie along with images of other woman showing how they’re loving their bodies this summer. The title of the post: Beautiful. End of Discussion.

Check out Graham’s full post and more inspiring advice below:

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