June 2, 2021

Beyond Numerology: what the Shape of Numbers can tell us.

Numbers have information for us.

I started seeing them as a wandering 23-year-old college graduate.

I had just completed my Master’s Degree with the highest honors, yet had no idea what was next.

It was a confusing feeling. I was relieved to say goodbye to a traditional classroom setting and late-night thesis writing. At the same time, I was overwhelmed with anxiety about the future.

I kept seeing the number 444. It appeared on clocks, receipts, license plates, phone numbers, ads…everywhere.

At the time, I had someone in my life who I could call a spiritual teacher, of sorts. They explained that seeing the number 444 repeatedly was a sign that angels were near.

I took that for what it was, did a lot of praying, and carried on. But I kept seeing it, and he continued to remind me that it was a sign. A sign that I was going to be okay. I trusted that interpretation and took it as my own until things started to feel misaligned. I did more digging and researching where I found numerous sources that affirmed 444 as an angel sign.

While I believe in signs and symbols, something still felt off. I knew there was more to this.

As I looked at the numerology and even the shape of the number four, I started to notice several different images within it.

I saw a farmer’s pitchfork. Get grounded and get to work.

I noticed the thin line that made up the right side of the four, balancing a small triangle. Balance is a priority.

And when I looked at “444,” I saw the top of sailboats, which prompted me to apply to work on cruise ships.

It all made so much sense to me at the time, and I wish I had kept my journals that documented my deeper revealings. I certainly wasn’t “grounded” or “balanced.” I had dropped silverware at the dinner table since before I could remember, questioned everything, felt disconnected, gone through two heartbreaks, and everything I had known was crumbling.

I nearly missed the message completely.

Not only was this one of my first lessons in not taking someone else’s interpretations as true for me, but I also learned how to turn inward in a deeper way. Better yet, I learned to take action on the basis of my own insight.

I can’t say I got completely grounded, and balance is a long, slow lesson I’m still learning, but I did look into working at sea. I graduated in June and, by October, I found myself on a flight from San Francisco to New York, to join my first cruise ship contract with Royal Caribbean.

While traditional numerology systems are effective, I also have a visual system I would like to share to inspire a different perspective.

Here are some prompts that may help inspire a visual message from the shape of each number, one to nine.

May they be of benefit!

0: An egg, a womb, a container, a ring, a ball
1: Stake in the ground, point of entry, a burnt-out candle, a line from self to the heavens (I am pathway), or a path
2: Snake shedding its skin for rebirth, a spiral of growth, a question mark, or two “2”s turned toward one another make a heart
3: On its side, it looks like ovaries, breasts, butterfly wings, animal ears, or half of two eyes (half-seeing eyes)
4: A cross, a line balancing a triangle, the triangle can be the trinity
5: On its side can look like a tabletop (“putting it all out on the table”), part of the moon, a hook, it can also look like a snake or a seahorse
6: A comma, one eye, a spoon, a snail, or a combination lock
7: An arrow, a diving board, a boomerang, a greater than or less than sign
8: On its side can look like two eyes or glasses, an infinity sign, an hourglass, or a snowman
9: A balloon with a string to let go of, an apostrophe

What do we do with all this? We use it to uncover information about our decisions, our home, our next steps, and how we show up for ourselves.

As an example, let’s say the number seven keeps appearing. With seven shaped like a boomerang, when seeing repeated sevens, I am reminded that the thoughts and energy I put out daily—whether “positive” or “negative”—will come back to me.

Another common number I hear people often see on repeat is 1111. What does it mean?

We have to interpret it for ourselves, but we can look at it like two or even four doorways to walk through, and it could either be an affirmation that all is okay or a reminder to pay close attention. For me, the number “1” visually looks like a line of connection we often heard refer to as the I am pathway or the point of energy between the holy spirit and us. So, if I see it on repeat, I go into more meditating, prayer, and intuition building.

If we could all use something similar to this when we see numbers on repeat, we might have more insight on what to do next and use their visual whisper for further direction.

I have used this as a tool for several years, and it has helped me understand what the repeat numbers appearing everywhere from the clock to wandering license plates mean for me.

I’ve received direction, taken leaps, had tough conversations, listened more clearly, signed rental agreements, said no, said yes, and had many easeful moves when I listened to the messages in the shape of our number system.

I’d love to know if there is a number on repeat for you. Please share in the comments, and let’s explore! ~ Gina Nicole

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