June 4, 2021

The 4 Archetypes of a Menstrual Cycle.

Make Your Menstrual Cycle Your Superpower

Learn how to embrace your cyclic superpowers and turn streams of blood into streams of success.

I felt stuck in a negative spiral for such a long time. I’d be positive and productive for a few weeks before crashing completely. It affected my self-esteem, career, business, and family life. My emotions and energy were all over the place.

I discovered that I was not stuck in a negative spiral, but in a cycle—my menstrual cycle, that is!

We often tend to think about our cycle as a few days of pre-menstrual symptoms before we start bleeding, and that menstruation is this annoying thing that stains our clothes and makes us feel uncomfortable.

But our menstrual cycle is so much more than just a few days of bleeding: it’s a continuous experience throughout every day of every month of every year.

Our bodies move through the ups and downs of various hormone levels during the different phases of our cycle, impacting our energy and emotions. I discovered that I could plan my life according to the different phases. Right now, I’m going to give you an outline of those phases, the archetypes they represent, and how you can truly harness their powers, too.

As a quick heads up, I’m speaking to everyone who identifies as a woman—irrespective of whether you’re currently bleeding, never bled, never had a physical womb, or have had it removed.

Phase 1: The Maiden—Pre-Ovulation

Phase one is the pre-ovulation phase and represents active energy. It usually lasts about seven days from when we stop bleeding until we start ovulating. You’ll experience a rise in estrogen, so be prepared to take action. It’s the perfect time to create a new project, brainstorm exciting ideas, and plan for the month ahead.

American culture fully embraces the Maiden, as she’s the action-taker and the go-getter. This archetype represents the conscious mind and frontal lobe, embodying thinking and focus. The Maiden is ready to take the world by storm and have it her way.

Phase 2: The Mother/Queen—Ovulation

The Mother/Queen archetype in our cycle represents a loving, nurturing energy. It starts around ovulation and lasts about seven days. This phase also represents the conscious mind, similar to the Maiden—though the Mother/Queen phase is passive.

Close your eyes for a second. Take a deep breath, and think of summer. What comes up for you? I think back to when I was a kid, playing in the backyard and rolling around in the grass. I’m surrounded by laughter and joy as my family slowed down to enjoy life.

The slow but playful energy of summer represents the Mother/Queen phase. It’s an excellent time for us to serve others and lead our people. We have the energy to host a masterclass, do sales calls, or record course lessons. Just remember to fill your time with fun things, too—spend time with your loved ones, take breaks to roll in the grass, walk barefoot in the forest, or try a new recipe.

Phase 3: The Enchantress—PMS Phase

The third phase represents the energy of the wild woman—active energy. This archetype is called the Enchantress and starts about a week before we start bleeding. The Enchantress is sassy, passionate, and creative.

She will not accept any bullsh*t.

Many of us hate this time of our cycle. Everything seemed so fun and good during the Mother, but now we’re frustrated with everything. This energy is fantastic for solving problems and getting rid of anything that doesn’t serve us in our life and business. The Enchantress sees all the difficulties and injustices around her—but she’s not accepting any of it.

It’s essential to care for our physical energy in order to harvest the power of this phase. It can feel as if you’re on an emotional rollercoaster during this phase, so I suggest you don’t try to force yourself to be active when your energy is plummeting. Rest when you’re tired and create when you’re inspired.

We have access to our subconscious during this phase, so dive into journaling and allow your heart to pour out like a river. You never know what mysteries you’ll unearth. If you don’t have the energy to follow through on your ideas, don’t worry about it. Just write a note, and come back to it when you return to the Maiden.

Phase 4: The Crone—Menstruation

The Crone phase starts with the first day you bleed and usually lasts up to a week. The archetype of this phase is the wise old woman—the Crone. This phase is a time to hone into your intuition and soul-deep thinking. It’s also a time of introspection and reflection.

The Crone loves time alone and solitude. It can be frustrating for women who long for Maiden and Enchantress’s active energies; however, this is a beautiful time for new ideas and inspiring downloads. I recommend drawing, doodling, meditation, and journaling to tap into the depth of wisdom and knowledge that’s available for you in this phase.

Embrace Your Cycle in Your Daily Life

As you can see, all the phases are beautifully balanced and flow together. Aligning our lives and businesses with our cycle will allow us to become more productive. We’ll also worry less about all the things we “should” be doing.

Our menstrual cycle shows us that there truly is a time and place for everything.

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