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June 6, 2021

The Best Soccer Managers of All Time | Karl Motey

In soccer, there are okay managers – and then there are great managers. The great ones are the ones most likely to stick in fans’ memories. However, many tasks delegated to and by managers tend to be overlooked, such as managing expenses and understanding the weaknesses and the strengths of each player.

A successful manager has earned the respect of their team. Thus getting all of the players to work together – as they should. Here are some of the best soccer managers of all time.

Carlo Ancelotti

Carlo Ancelotti was born in Italy, 1959. In 2014, Carlo Ancelotti made records when his team, Real Madrid, won the Champions League. This made him the only active manager to have won the tournament a total of three times.

In 2020, Carlo Ancelotti opted to become the manager of Everton – an English club. His newest team is already showing improvement and should be a team to watch for as tournaments come up.

Sir Alex Ferguson

Next up on the list is Sir Alex Ferguson, who became famous when he transformed East Stirlingshire from a struggling team to one of note – so notable that they were league champions by the time he was done with them.

Eventually, Ferguson moved from Scotland to England to continue his career. It is here that he became world-famous. Here he became manager for Manchester United. For a time, his tenure was rocky until suddenly it very much wasn’t. Through his leadership, Manchester United won the treble.

Rinus Michels

Rinus Michels is the manager most people look to for an example of ‘always keep trying.’ His team, Netherlands, didn’t get an international win until his fourth year as manager, though naturally, his team had been doing quite well before then.

Michels is arguably most famous for the invention of the Total Football style of play. Though it is also noteworthy that he has won trophies from Barcelona and FC Koln.

Mircea Lucescu

Mircea Lucescu was born in July of 1945 and has become famous for managing Shakhar Donetsk (2004-2016). He led the Ukrainian team to victory in 2009 (UEFA Cup).

In total, Mircea Lucescu won twelve league titles, as well as nine domestic cups. He did so throughout Romania, Turkey, and Ukraine. Lucescu now manages Dinamo Kiev, as of 2020.

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