July 28, 2021

3 Reasons we Can’t seem to Harness our Creative Voice.


The idea drops into your brain, and you feel the surge of excitement.

Your energy responds, “Yes!” and you begin to feel yourself peel forward into the next dimension of leadership and creativity.

“I’m writing that thing,” you begin to tell everyone who will listen. You even begin to seed it into your social media posts, grocery store conversations. It’s everywhere. And, on some level, you assume it’s maturating into creation, which is true…until it’s not.

A few weeks have passed and you have not put pen to paper, ass to chair, or newly done fingernails to keyboard. You are stalling—stalling the universe’s desire to heal others through your vessel.

We’ve all done it.

Here are a few reasons why you’re probably delaying “that thing” you are writing:

1. You fear your own power.

When I write, I channel something far greater than me. Sometimes it feels feverish, even almost anxious-like. It’s rarely a calm, soothing journey, though, oftentimes, when it’s just right, it feels like honey.

Until you learn how to harness your channel and understand yourself, dear one, you aren’t really doing much of the work. You will reject it because it is unknown.

Practice channeling your Instagram posts, then emails, then, slowly, work your way up to articles, and then, eventually, book chapters. This will help you get clearer and make use of the energy that creates words.

2. You have a judging voice.

This is the type of voice that will immediately occur once you publish “that thing.” Sometimes, the judge wants to protect you from evil commenters, and other times, it wants to protect you from death due to the influx of customers.

Sit down with the judge and ask it what it is ruling in your future. Ask yourself: is this true? And, if so, how would I handle it?

3. You have a deep need to sabotage your purpose.

Clean the kitchen? Onboard 10 clients? Start an entirely new business? All of these likely sound better than actually fulfilling your destiny. Much like the judging voice, the fear of your future once you live your purpose is eliminating your ability to do so.

Ask yourself: Do I know why I came to Earth? What am I meant to share? And is the voice who is afraid of my gifts coming from the Light?

I’d love for you to list 10 reasons why you intuitively think you aren’t writing. At first glance, they’re all going to seem true. But as you line them up with the three reasons above, I think you’ll find a deeper meaning.

Once you do, remind yourself that it’s a daily pattern of proving the fears wrong by taking action. They cannot be proved wrong in theory, and they cannot be right in theory, either.

May this serve you so you can serve others.


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Read 1 comment and reply

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