July 25, 2021

How my Spirit Animal Guided me through my Romantic Life.


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Imagine the most picturesque late summer evening at the beach.

The warm air is breezy and comfortable. The sky, a perfect amber hue lit from the crescent moon, glistening the ocean like sparkly diamonds. Waves gently rolling. Stars aplenty. And soft sand cool to touch.

My lover and I had just settled down on some blankets nestled on the slope of the dunes. As we stared at the beautiful glowing sky and sea, he asked me if I had ever seen a shooting star. I said yes, but it wasn’t for me, as I was facing the other direction.

When I turned to look, I saw a mere glimmer. I asked him and he said many years ago he had seen a hint of one too. Within minutes of our conversation, the most vibrant shooting star soared in front of us over my beach of almost 30 years. We looked at each other in disbelief. My eyes began to tear up—if that wasn’t a sign from the universe that our partnership was magical. I looked to the sky and felt a spiritual energy was looking after us.

With both of our emotions now running deep, the romance of the night went from cinematic to cosmic. In no time, intimacy ensued. Shortly thereafter, as my lover was lying on his back and I was curled into him, a fox unexpectedly appeared. He slowly sauntered in front of us, staring at me as he cruised by. Stunned, I blurted out, “Look, there’s a fox!” My lover sat up, but Foxy had swiftly disappeared into the darkness of the dunes.

Could this night get any more epic? The most incredible moonlit sky, a radiant shooting star, passionate intimacy, and then a fox crossing our path! Surely this had to mean something. My intuition immediately sensed the fox crossing was a warning that this man is not who you think he is. Isn’t a fox supposedly a symbol of slyness and trickery? But the shooting star—that was beyond epic. How could both of these obvious signs from the universe contradict one another? What can it mean?

The next morning I began to research online “What does it mean when a fox crosses your path?” Apparently, there are many meanings depending upon culture and religion. Let me preface that my lover came into my life during the peak of the pandemic. After six weeks of communicating via text, phone, and Facetime, we finally met face-to-face. I was still healing from a painful breakup yet feeling ready to desire someone new. Looking back, our first date set the stage for what would be a year of romantic adventure. Although our chemistry was off the charts, he was upfront that he was not interested in a serious or committed relationship.

With zero viable prospects, I complied. But I still attached myself to him and vowed to accept signs from the universe if I should stay the course. Had we not connected during the global pandemic, I would have never settled. Having a committed lover matters greatly to me.

Here we were, less than two months of dating in person, experiencing the most romantic evening of our lives, and it was quite overwhelming for both of us. After a few hours of reading and digesting various articles on spirit animals and what it means when a fox crosses your path, I concluded the following:

The shooting star was absolutely meant for us to know that the universe wants us to be together. There’s no doubt that it was symbolism for a deeper connection between us. We are meant to heal one another from our heartache and disappointment of dissolving our marriages. It’s a natural and effortless connection we are developing.

Then the fox crossing our path—really my path—was a reminder that no matter how deeply connected we may feel or grow, to be mindful that you have made it very clear you are not a man capable of opening your heart the way my ex-boyfriend opened his heart to me. You are not a man who is capable of giving me what he gave me. I cannot change you nor do I want to change you. I must always be respectful of where your head is. And when the time comes that I cannot accept where your head and heart are, I must let you go. I have to stay true to who I am and what I want for my future and what matters to me. A deep emotional connection with a man who always has my back matters most to me. 

But if I am able to be patient—the shooting star was sent to us that we are magical together.

I shared this analysis with my lover. We stayed the course and went on to develop the most satisfying, epic intimacy that either of us had ever created. As we closed out the summer season and welcomed the crisp autumn air, I faced some challenges with his emotional attachment to an ex-girlfriend. He was still making spending time with her a priority and this led to our first breakup. After a few days of feeling hurt and confused, I texted him a lengthy audio message explaining how I was feeling. Then I decided to take a run. Two miles in as I rounded the corner, in the middle of a grassy field, an animal was stoically staring at me. Could it be another fox? As I ran closer to the field, I could visibly see it was indeed a fox! I stopped to snap a photo. A fox crossed my path again, in broad daylight. Surely, another sign from the universe.

After my run, I pulled up my analysis from our unforgettable summer night and remembered our shooting star and how magical we were together. I concluded that Foxy’s appearance was a reminder to practice patience with this man. Weeks later, I headed back to my beach house for some salt air therapy. With the screen doors open, I heard this loud screeching. Not wanting to break from my work, I ignored the sound.

But it wouldn’t stop. Eventually, I walked over to the doors to investigate the loud nuisance. To my surprise, it was a hawk perched on the deck railing staring directly into the house. Clearly, this hawk was trying to get my attention. What could it mean? Once we made eye contact, he stopped his calling and flew away.

Fox. Hawk. Who’s next? Meanwhile, my thoughts were consumed by my ex-lover. Being back at my beach house made me miss him even more, and I couldn’t understand how anyone could walk away from our unprecedented chemistry and compatibility. I concluded the hawk calling to me was a sign to have the courage to call my ex-lover. So I did. That conversation resulted in us making plans to get together.

After a six-week breakup, my ex-lover was driving to my home and called me from the road. He was about 20 minutes away. We talked about the dinner I was planning to cook, then he interrupted. “You’re never going to believe what animal just crossed the road.” I’m thinking a deer? “No. A fox crossed and I had to stop short.” Are you for real? Foxy appears again!

I said, “Aha! Foxy knew I wasn’t driving tonight and he appeared to you because we were on the phone. Foxy crossing the road was for me!” At that moment, I knew that Foxy was not only my spirit animal but was appearing as a reminder that if my ex-lover and I were to reunite, I would have to practice patience and accept him 100 percent. As fate would have it, that night did in fact bring us back together with a commitment to be monogamous.

I am proud to share that the universe loved our partnership and took care of us in many extraordinary ways. During the holidays we both gifted each other sentimental Foxy ornaments to hang on our Christmas trees. Even though we coined ourselves epic pandemic lovers, we still had issues with his emotionally detaching from me when we were apart.

Ultimately, we broke up a second time on Easter Sunday, almost a year from when we connected. I felt deeply unsettled to go against the universe and all the love it gave us, but staying emotionally connected to my lover was paramount for me. Even the night of our final goodbye, the universe intervened. What are the chances the valet in his parking garage would accidentally lock my keys in the car? No doubt a sign from the universe that it didn’t want me to leave. After a two-hour round-trip drive to retrieve a spare key, we agreed I would spend the night. We woke up to a morning filled with emotional fervent intimacy that only two uninhibited lovers could share. Definitely not your standard break-up.

Days after our soulful goodbye, I sensed Foxy would cross my path again—and he did. But I began to question my analysis and Foxy’s appearance. This was the fourth time in less than a year that he crossed my path. Did I misinterpret my spirit animal? Was my ex-lover not who I believed him to be? Was he not a man of integrity? Or did I not practice enough patience and acceptance?

As my heart continued to heal, Foxy crossed my path two more times, appearing after my ex-lover and I had communicated. One day when I was cleaning out my closets—another form of healing to let go of the past—in a box of random trinkets, I discovered this beautiful handcrafted suede fox key ring that I had purchased years ago in Italy. Yep, another sign! More recently, I shared this story with a girlfriend. Later that night I opened Instagram and a photograph of a fox appeared in the first feed.

Discovering Foxy as my spirit animal has been transformative for me. My spirit animal taught me to always trust in the universe. Embrace the signs you are shown and let the universe guide you because it can make all the difference in the path you take. I love Foxy and feel gratitude for him and the other spirit animals (hawk, beaver, and yes, snakes) who have come to me with messages, inspiring me to look within.

As far as my ex-lover, I do believe my analysis was spot on and so was my first intuition. I was patient and accepting. But his behavior deeply hurt me. Yet, when I reminisce about our shooting star, I will always believe if the Universe wants us to continue being magical together, it will find a way to bring us back again.

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