July 27, 2021

You’ll know When it’s time to Let Go.


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“Letting go means trading something that’s not working for freedom, and for the possibility of receiving something in the future that really, truly, does. Let go of emotions, relationships, and situations that you know are not allowing you to be happy.” ~ Doe Zantamata


All this baggage you carry with you will someday begin to weigh you down.

Slowly and gradually, the weight will begin to feel heavier and heavier, and your own stifled inner voice will start growing louder and louder.

First, it will tell you what to do, and if you don’t listen, it will start yelling at you, demanding that you listen to what it has to say.

And it will say just one thing: drop the baggage of unrequited love, broken relationships, life gone haywire, feeling not good enough, not living up to other people’s expectations, and most importantly, not being yourself.

And when it’s time, you will get exhausted.

Eventually, you will break into a million pieces and you fill find yourself staring at each one of them, wondering how to put yourself back together.

And then you will think of a new design. A new way to put yourself together again.

And slowly you will begin, piece by piece.

Looking at it.
Staring at it.
Wondering where it fits.
Where it comes from.
And maybe you will begin to soften its edges.
Dust it up.
And find a new place for it.

Maybe you will toss the next one, realizing that it simply doesn’t fit anymore.

“Always remember, when the pain of holding on is greater than the pain of letting go, it’s time to let go.” ~ Anonymous

Perhaps, you will struggle with the others and wonder how they have become a part of you.

You’ll cry a little.
You’ll scream a bit.
Maybe you will just be quiet.
Simply looking.

But you will learn slowly as you go along to assemble yourself in a new way that feels more like you than anything else has ever been.

And perhaps, some parts may still be a misfit. Some may still poke and prod you here and there.

But you will learn over and over to put yourself back again in a way that makes you feel whole.

You will learn.

For before you become who you are, you will have to unbecome everything you were.

Will that be easy?
Will it be worth it?

Slowly, you will learn.

“Accept what is. Let go what was. Believe what will be.” ~ Anonymous


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Read 27 comments and reply

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