August 5, 2021

345 Loving Words to my Husband.


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My Dear Husband,

Will you be my boyfriend?

And treat me like your girlfriend, again?

Maybe, drop an occasional WhatsApp,

Saying, I Love You,

With lots of hearts.

Buy me chocolate and a red rose,

With a glimmer of newly found

Love in your eyes.

I know,

Life is tough,

And, has not been kind.

The dreams of the youth,

Of traveling the world,

Settling with a hut on a hilltop,

Lie buried beneath responsibility

Of being a son, a father, and a husband.

Let’s steal an evening then,

If not a whole life,

And, dream about dreams all over again!

Let’s fight over which song to play,

which road to take when we are lost,

Not, over what you did or I did,

Or, rather what life did to us!

I still remember the butterflies in my stomach,

When you waited at the black iron gate for me,

Do you?

The first kiss and holding hands,

When we never ran out of things to say,

When we had not become sad,

And, nothing was wrong with the world either!

I want you to woo me again,

And romance me time and again,

Lest we forget the wonder we have,

Between us,

And give into this dreary world!

Let’s rediscover our simple, sweet, love,

With coffee dates and cookies,

Let’s giggle like teenagers over nothing,

And get wet in the rain.

Let’s celebrate this moment,

And, give a f*ck to life!

Let’s dream about the life…

We still could make together,

For all is never lost,

There’s more to this story, too!


This is for one man who has been my rock-solid support, my best friend, who has always challenged me to be better, and who always has more confidence in me than I have in myself. I know I can lean on him anywhere, anytime. Whatever life throws at me, he will be there, to help me collect the pieces and put them back together.

I know that even when we’ll be old, we will enjoy our coffee on that hut on the hilltop.




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Read 22 comments and reply

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