August 3, 2021

How we Grow our Souls through Dreams.


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I was walking down a mountain, and while the moment of the memory is faint, I know for sure I was following a clear dirt path surrounded by dry brush.

The sky was blue, the sun was kissing my skin, and I was loving being in nature.

My dad was walking about five feet in front of me. I can still see him in my mind with his fisherman’s hat, carrying a walking stick that is a bit out of character.

A dark blackish snake came suddenly came out of the yellow brush from the right side of the trail. The body looked like it was flying toward my leg, which happened so quickly, I couldn’t quite tell. The slimy snake wrapped itself around my leg, and somehow, I was able to loosen its grip.

The next thing I knew, the snake was on my dad’s walking stick. I took the stick and flung the aggressive snake over the dry brush into a tree branch. This is when we noticed more snakes appearing, and panic began to set in. I could feel my heartbeat faster, pounding in my chest.

Then I woke up.

I grabbed a pen and paper and immediately jotted the dream down in my journal. I knew I needed to talk to Noeli—my go-to dream expert. I was having repeat dreams of snakes, and they were getting scarier each night. I sent a message the next day and made a time to meet with her.

Interestingly, after I set the time to discuss my list of snake dreams with her, they stopped taking over my dreams. It’s almost as if the little person in me was acknowledging I had made a step to listen finally.

It felt like weeks had passed when I finally had the opportunity to explore these dreams with her. As scary as they were, she helped me to see that nightmares are gifts.

Noeli has trained under many dream experts, and though I’m sure she would claim to be a learning student herself, she is masterful at helping others navigate dreams.

She has taught me to go inward, be inquisitive, and appreciate all of my dreams, because even the ones appearing scary, are beautiful gifts with nuggets of wisdom.

I felt inclined to ask her a few questions to share with others.

The lessons have helped me greatly, may it be of benefit to you:

Question 1: “Noeli, firstly, thank you for saying yes to this. You have helped me understand dreams beyond what I might have ever thought imaginable. You are masterful. What is the advice you often give when people come to you asking, ‘What does my dream mean?'”

Noeli: “Your dreams show your soul’s current state. Dreams use dynamic images and symbols as guidance about your health, your problems, your fears, and your wholeness. My belief is that they are Divine Wisdom directly attuned to you for your soul’s growth.”

Question 2: “So, I shouldn’t see my dream as literal?”

Noeli: “Be assured that the dream is about your own soul’s progress. That progress is shown through symbols, not literally. Some rare visitation dreams are a person’s energy communicating through your unconscious.”

Question 3: “Do you have an opinion or thought on resources designed to tell us what our dreams mean, such as dream dictionaries?”

Noeli: “Often a dream dictionary is a starting place for the big universal ideas about a symbol, but the truest resource is the dreamer. She is the one who can say, ‘What does that person symbolize or represent in my life? What is the feeling of the seashore in my dream? What are the facts I know about alligators like the one in my dream? These answers are clues to what aspect of my psyche is being addressed.'”

Question 4: “You have taught me not to fear nightmares. Can you share why and the gift they bring?”

Noeli: “The nightmare gets us quickly aware of a need to grow and face something deeply neglected. It is a call for compassion and action to correct course. We need the use of the quality, which appears so scary. For instance, if I dream of a terrifying monkey, I may need the quality of monkey to appear in my waking life—I may need to play and be spontaneous…just a little. I may not be able to abandon some crushing responsibility in my world, but with a tiny drop of monkey medicine, I can rebalance and keep on.”

Question 5: “Is there anything else you would like to add that may be of benefit to a reader?”

Noeli: “Even if we don’t remember our dreams, they are working for us all the time. If a dream is remembered, but seems mysterious, or weird, try to tell it to a trusted someone who will listen. Also, no dream comes to condemn you, even if it is so scary…never to harm but to serve you.”

Noeli’s insight and guidance taught me three important points:

1. Every person and thing I dream about is a reflection of what the meaning is for me.

2. Nightmares are only a loudspeaker trying to get our attention and are to be embraced.

3. Even if we can only remember one small part of a dream, or even if we don’t recall any of it, dreams are always working for us.

If called, please do share one to three ways her words benefited. I would love to hear how this inspires you!


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