August 20, 2021

How to Make Peace with our Inner Being. 


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“If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place. Primary reality is within; secondary reality without.” ~ Eckhart Tolle 


Making peace between our inner experience and our outer experience is such an important part of the human journey.

Mostly, we are not at peace with either.

We think our inner experiences are fake. We think we are making stuff up. We think our thoughts are dumb, our emotions are blown out of proportion, and our dreams impossible.

And then when it comes to our external experiences, we fight all the time. We like something and we want more of it, and we don’t like something and we push it away and wonder why we are being punished.

Both our inner and outer realities are real. This seems to take time to accept. I mean truthfully, they are both temporary illusions, but also real experiences happening at the moment, and when our inner and outer worlds start working in unison, our existence can feel smoother and more congruent.

Working as an energy healer has been great training for this.

When I look at a person I don’t only see what they’re presenting in the external. I see (in my mind’s eye) their past, their potential, their greatness, and their struggles. It all presents as one.

I describe it as a cartoon show when the hungry predator looks at a live chicken and sees it already cooked. I look at people and see their greatness already complete.

I think of this experience I am having as my inner experience. My inner perception of the world. As an energy healer, I have the gift of getting to say my inner experiences out loud and putting them in the external world.

Sometimes what I tell clients resonates but sometimes they think I’m crazy, until the events come about.

Recently, a client told me the story of coming for a session and I told her she needed a music room in her house because she needed a dedicated place to play more music.

She told me she thought this was the craziest thing and she would never have a music room in her house because there wasn’t space for it.

A few months later, her daughter came home for a visit and said, “Let’s clean up the spare room,” and she emptied the room and painted it. When she put the room back together, she put all the instruments in it, and now there is a music room in her house.

I see these things in my inner world and they are real to me. As real as my outer world. And when the two start to come together, there is a feeling of peace.

The inner world doesn’t see time because the way we experience time as humans isn’t really accurate. It has taken me many years to heal this inner/outer world alignment because when I see things in my inner world they feel so real. I can feel a visceral frustration that I don’t see yet in my outer world.

But then, over time, the experiences do appear in my outer world—even if it’s sometimes years later.

What if we aren’t “making up” our inner world? What if it is all information from different timelines of infinite possibility being experienced as real as our outer world?

Being at war with our inner experience is a painful way to live. Our inner experience is operating at all times, and this is a good thing. It is a wealth and a treasury to be experienced and explored, but we need to have a skillful means in the way we interact with it.

We need to be patient, and understanding, and not jump to conclusions about what it all means. We need to take in the experiences of our inner world and then be patient, open, and grateful, not just waiting to see how it all unfolds, but truly showing up to experience and embody how it all unfolds.

Letting go of judgment is necessary.

We are quick to jump to right and wrong, and good and bad. These evaluations are major blockers to possibility.

Instead, when we have inner experiences can we say, “Oh, isn’t that interesting? I am grateful for the experience and I’m curious to see how it will all unfold.” This open, curious perspective can save us unnecessary pain and suffering.

Your inner world is a rich landscape. There are realms, and galaxies, and landscapes far and wide that are real and true, and you get there through your inner world. They are rich and delicate and meaningful, and much of what this life is about.

We look outside ourselves too much for answers. We look outside ourselves for validation.

Do other people find me attractive? Is there enough money in my bank account? Am I materially successful?

These types of worries pull us away from the sheer enjoyment of being a human traveling around the cosmos.

The ability to get quiet and turn our gaze inward and see what experiences are going on within ourselves transforms the whole human journey into a magical experience.

However, the reason people struggle to fully enter this magic is because of shame.

Mostly, people think they’re bad. They think the mistakes they’ve made in this life are unforgivable. They’re searching for people to blame for the unfortunate events that have occurred. They see everything they’ve done wrong, and everything they can’t correct, and everyone that has hurt them, and they’ve hurt, and these thoughts and memories haunt them.

This makes going inside a hellish place to be. It can seem better to keep the attention on external distractions.

This is understandable but can also be shifted.

What if there is nothing to be ashamed of and everything can be forgiven and blame is useless? What if through the intention of forgiveness and compassion these old habits of shame and blame can be melted away?

Then the inner world can become safe again and opened to and enjoyed and the depth of the human experience can expand.

The path is unknown, the experiences you have on this path cannot be predicted. But you have incarnated at this time, and being more and more awake to both your inner and outer experiences is an option for you. You just have to choose it, every moment of every day.


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