August 2, 2021

One Breath of Pleasure.


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There is such power, such possibility, in one breath.

In the world of pleasure we’re often looking for more.

More feeling, more sensation, more experiences, more technique, more partners, more toys.

Most of these things are external; they’re outside of us. And they’re connected to something, which is one of the most limiting and contractive things we do.


We live in a society that’s constantly chasing.

Money, pleasure, things, experiences, orgasms, people, chasing.

More yoga, more meditations, more workshops, more plant ceremonies.

More sex with more people in more ways.


And when we’re constantly chasing, we’re never fulfilled; we’re never present.

We don’t really feel, fully feel.

We’re never intimate and connected.

We’re never soft, relaxed, open.

We’re never with life in a moment.

We’re never quiet; we’re never still.

We’re never in our bodies, in our hearts.

And we’re never fully with our lovers.

So much of what we need is within us.

So many keys, clues, doorways.

Within us, and as we go within, we discover, endlessly, the gifts we have.

Breath is one of these.

So simple.

And we often overlook the simple; we pass it by, because it’s simple.

It has no glitter, no guitar intro; no, it’s just there.

We do it all the time, and don’t even notice it.


And the way we breathe during pleasure, during touch, during sex, can do such amazing things for us.

Breath brings us into the body, into the heart, into our sexual centre.

Breath brings us into presence. In presence, we can be in intimacy.

Breath brings us into awareness, of sensation, of feeling, of emotion.

Breath, one breath, integrates what we’ve experienced, and this is important for one breath of pleasure.

Breath opens us to the next sensation, the next feeling.

Breath takes us to stillness, where we can sense, deeply sense our lover in so many ways, beyond words.

Breath brings us into a knowing.

One breath of pleasure.

Before you look into your lover’s eyes, breathe, one breath.

Before you touch your lover’s hand, breathe, one breath.

With your lover’s hand in yours, breathe, one breath.

Before you kiss your lover, breathe, one breath.

After you’ve kissed your lover, breathe, one breath.

For everything that you’re doing with your lover, breathe, just one breath.

Each breath brings the sensation, the moment, into you, brings you into the sensation.

Each breath deepens the sensation, allows the next to be even deeper.

Each breath is a seed for the next; each breath is a flowering.

Each breath slows you down; each breath quietens you.

Before you caress your lover’s body, breathe, one breath.

Before you touch your lover’s sex, breathe, one breath.

Before you enter your lover, breathe, one breath.

Before you open to your lover, breathe, one breath.

One breath of pleasure.

Becomes a world where all that exists is you, your lover, intimacy, sensation, feeling, the moment.

One breath of pleasure.


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