August 3, 2021

Florida, Desantis & COVID-19: Why is our Government Tying the Hands of its Educators?

“Florida’s largest school district said it’s worried about funding if it does not follow Gov. Ron DeSantis’ executive order preventing the implementation of mask mandates in schools.”

This is in direct opposition to the CDC guideline of wearing masks whether vaccinated or not.

But what do they know about COVID-19, right? They’re just scientists.

I must thank the stars 10 times a day that my children are no longer in school. Miami-Dade is the nation’s fourth largest school district, and they return to school August 23rd.

The leadership in Florida serves one purpose and it starts with a “P.” Protection? Na—politics.

Governor DeSantis continues to get high fives from his good ole boy Republicans for being “hands-off” in his management of Covid. It’s become his signature style. The key to his success is to continue to do whatever keeps him in political good standing with the GOP, even though hospital admissions are skyrocketing and younger people are getting sick.

Sucking up is a skill that many politicians mastered during the last administration—and they learned from the master. If they didn’t toe the line, they would be erased. We saw it happen over and over.

Now our esteemed governor is holding government funding over the heads of Florida school districts; some might be inclined to call it extortion. He went from hands-off to masks off, leaving schools feeling absolutely naked. What protection is being offered to keep students and teachers safe?

In the blink of an eye, educators have had their autonomy rescinded. Teachers are once again subjected to a set of circumstances they didn’t sign up for, for the second year in a row. Covid victims are getting younger and our leaders think it wise to send them to school all day without any kind of covering to filter out danger.

It’s rainy season in Florida, but this is the perfect storm. The majority of the child population remains unvaccinated and now their schools cannot take measures to keep their educators safe.

Covid numbers are off the chart in Florida. We are number one in Covid cases; the numbers are growing exponentially. ICUs are filling up and it’s time for desperate measures.

I recently read a quote that DeSantis won’t encourage his children to wear masks because he wants to see them smile. Well, isn’t that delightful.

Does anyone hear alarms going off? Do any of you feel like we need to step up our game? Will anyone officially be addressing the elephant in the room anytime soon? How about some acknowledgment that big plans are in the works to address the situation? How about having big things in the works?

As a tax paying citizen, I am absolutely underwhelmed by Florida’s answer to the current situation. They say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Our system is so broke, it needs to be on steroids. How about a fix? Anybody out there in charge? Anybody want to know what I think?

It sure doesn’t feel like it. I hear people talking about how they plan to deal with the latest Delta variant. I don’t hear elected officials doing the same.

It defies explanation, honestly. One would think that staff in Tallahassee would be scampering around in full-on crisis mode, but it sure doesn’t look like it from where I’m sitting. Our leaders are driving down a one-way street in the wrong direction, everyone is waving them to pull off the road, and they keep driving.

I’m not sure why any of this shocks me.

I have finally realized that my tax dollars entitle me to absolutely nothing. Maybe trash collection, perhaps clean water, but otherwise, I may as well throw that money right out the window.

I’m on fire and my elected officials aren’t even interested in putting me out. So I’m weighing in the only way I know how. Those of us in Florida who are educated about the situation realize that what he is doing to educators is tying their hands from protecting their own and threatening to hurt their wallets if they try.

Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

Not in Florida.


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Read 3 comments and reply

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