September 3, 2021

8 Ways to Know your Angels are Present after the Honeymoon Phase.

In 2015, I wrote my first article for Elephant Journal titled “8 Ways to Know your Angels are Present.”

Recently, I had a discussion with a hopeful young girl about the “angel signs” she receives. I recalled the article and went to grab the link to share it.

When I landed on the page, I began rereading it with a compassionate eye. My heart expanded as I took in words describing the various ways angels had been presenting to me at that time, and my mind was led down a path of illuminated memories.

I caught myself saying out loud, “Wow, they were so clear then.” And they were. The signs were specific and impeccable.

Until they weren’t.

When we first begin to receive angel signs, they are obvious. They happen all of the time, one after another, in various ways, including the eight I wrote about. We notice them with delight and curiosity, recognize they mean something, and then we begin to start asking, “But what? What does it mean if __?”

My answer to that common inquiry I am often asked is to go inward. To connect with nature and our angel wanting to communicate with us, and ask there, not outwardly.

But rarely does that happen, and so after some time, the signs slow, and the communication quiets some.


Because our relationship with angels is like any other relationship, we have to both give and receive, nurture it, care for it, and exchange love. And like any other relationship, there is a honeymoon phase, until there is not.

When we first start working with angels, the signs come in fast and hot. For me, it began as seeing 444 on clocks and license plates, random butterflies, and fluffy white feathers! Then it did slow. I had the blessing of being mentored and led, and so I learned the steps to take.

I remember one of my mentors, an Angel Intuitive, explaining how angel signs begin full of activity. Then we have to work to deepen the connection like any relationship, or even as any language develops. She explained if we aren’t grateful, give thanks, and actively participate in the conversation, they dissipate.

Imagine a friendly person brings a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies every Saturday to their neighbor. The receiving neighbor loves chocolate chip cookies and is overwhelmed with excitement every cookie delivery day. So excited, in fact, that when they open the door, they grab the cookies, smile, slam the door, and run in to tell the family and share in the delight.

But there is no acknowledgment, not even a hello or thank you to the neighbor who spent so much time creating this homemade batch of delight. Week after week, it might get old for the neighbor who constantly bakes and gives. And they may stop because while it felt good to gift such love, it became old having the door slammed on their face time and again.

It wouldn’t feel good. We have to show up in the conversation, and we can do so breathing deep into the belly (breath is the language of angels), giving gratitude for the sign by simply saying, “Thank you angels for showing me your presence. I am open to the next steps.”

Working with angels in this way has been nothing short of a miracle for me. I have been led to new friendships, ideas, and opportunities by following the prompts of angel signs. When we communicate with our angels, give thanks for what they send, and take the time to go inward and listen deeply, our lives can transform most beautifully.

While “8 Ways to Know your Angels are Present” is a helpful start, I want to share a 2.0 list that presents the invitation to go a tad deeper for anyone called to do so.

After we have connected and appreciated the whispers we receive, the signs may start to slow. It’s not because they entirely stop. It’s because they want to deepen the relationship—but the signs may become more subtle in that process.

Following are eight additional ways, which are probably more subtle and not so obvious, to know your angels are present after the honeymoon phase:

1. Smells. Scents from an angel may happen out of nowhere, like smelling a rose in the middle of a random place like a bowling alley, or a smelling delicious scent without an obvious source. After some time in my practice, I began to understand the communication of specific angels. Archangel Metatron, who can assist with spiritual development, will present the smell of cinnamon to me.

2. Feeling a poke or touch. Feeling a poke, a touch, or even a soft embrace with no one else around could be an angel presence. Archangel Azrael, the angel of grief and death, presents touch. I often feel a tingling in the left cheek to the mid-neck when this angelic force is around. I have also been poked and have felt a strong hug out of nowhere.

3. Flash of inspiration. I often feel angelic presence comes with a flash of creative inspiration, and it’s not uncommon for that to be at 3 or 4 a.m. When I was creating my Angel and Feng Shui Oracle Deck, I would wake up with a massive rush of energy through my body. I would get a clear image in my mind, go to my computer, and have the artwork for another oracle card completed, usually within the hour. I had no idea how to use the program I used, but I figured it out and in six months created my first oracle card deck.

4. Intuition. Energy is energy, and it can travel to us and through us. It is not uncommon for angels to connect through our knowing and intuition. To learn your intuitive style and meet the angel who can help you ignite it, I have a quiz that may help here.

5. Feelings and emotions. I have found that Spirit and angels don’t feel human emotions like we do. Feeling emotions is a human trait. Feeling random emotions that come out of the blue, but somehow don’t feel like ours, can be angelic communication nudging us.

6. Through others. It is easy for angels to encourage other people to deliver messages to us. It may be straight from the person’s mouth, or we may overhear a conversation that rings true and sparks something in us.

7. Ringing in the ears. This one can be an annoyance, and I have many clients who struggle with this. Sometimes, there is tinnitus present for medical reasons, so I don’t advise overlooking that. But if there is no medical reason, any ringing or buzzing in the ears can be angels sending information your way. I struggled with this for a solid year before creating my card deck. At times, I have short bouts of the ringing, and I know there is information being given, so I just say thank you, then create space to write and let it come out.

8. A pen. This one is for my fellow writers. There is no doubt that angels encourage us to share love and knowledge through words. One of the “writing angels,” as I like to say, is Archangel Gabriel. Angels don’t do gender (that is a human thing) but can present as more feminine or masculine. When I am being encouraged to write, I feel a feminine presence with Archangel Gabriel and get flashes of an image of a pen, often a quill pen specifically. When this happens, I breathe in and say silently or aloud, “Thank you, Archangel Gabriel, for the encouragement to write and helping the most aligned and helpful words flow through me.”

Do any of these speak to you or feel familiar? I would love to know about your journey with angels. Please share with me in the comments.

May your angel signs lead you to more abundance, bliss, and opportunity.


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