September 14, 2021

How to Create Beliefs that Serve our Highest Good.

There are certain beliefs for each of us that become foundational beliefs, meaning, when it comes to our everyday lives, these are the beliefs we fall back on and essentially operate from.

Let’s say we are faced with a situation and it’s causing us to worry and have a mini freak out. If we have solid foundational beliefs in place, our mind will automatically default to a belief that supports and empowers us to move forward.

Here is one such foundational belief as an example:

“I always make the right decision, and everything is always working out perfectly for me.”

With this foundational belief embodied, it’s hard to remain in the energy and experience of panic or worry for too long. Even in really full-on situations, foundational beliefs help to remove a degree of emotion so we can come back to objectivity, assessing the situation and lean into what it is we have chosen to believe is real and true. In turn, this gives us the mental freedom and “relaxedness” to receive guidance on an aligned action to take to then move through the situation at hand.

The thing we must recognise is we already have a set of foundational beliefs that we have been operating from for our entire lives, and therefore, we might wonder—are these beliefs truly serving and assisting us?

On reflection, chances are that many or at least some of the beliefs we have, and consistently fall back on, are planted in fear. What a great observation if so, as it makes it easy to see where we can upgrade our beliefs, our thoughts, and ultimately—our reality.

How we can begin identifying fear-based beliefs

It’s not until we sit down and become aware of the belief patterns we are running that we can decide whether or not they are worth keeping and what new foundational beliefs we are going to choose to adopt. This is about making life easier to move through, as well as giving ourselves powerful tools to feel better and also understand the so-called bad or scary things that come up.

Below is an exercise designed to draw to the surface any fear-based beliefs that may be currently operating in the background.

Start by thinking about all the things you might feel worried about or aspects of your life you feel a lack of control around. Write out everything that comes to mind. This is incredibly powerful as it takes some of the charge out of these worries and fears merely by acknowledging them.

Then ask yourself the following three questions.

1. Is what I am thinking about this true? (Sometimes, what we fear is just in our head and is not at all true or likely in a practical or tangible sense.)

2. Is this belief coming from a place of fear?

3. Does it make sense for me to continue this belief, and would I like to?

Recoding your beliefs

Now for the fun part. This is where we get to recode and lock in new foundational beliefs that serve us.

Based on what you have identified above as fear-based beliefs, you can begin rewording and choosing beliefs that come from a place of faith and empowerment.

To help with this ask yourself:

“What is it I wish I believed or knew as true?”

The answer to that question is a new belief. This is about moving past fear in order to access what your soul already knows is true. This is about locking in and connecting to your inner guidance and direction around what gets to be real and true.

Our thoughts and beliefs really do become our reality and what we believe shapes our decisions, our actions, and our reactions to life.

Here are some examples of positive, expansive, and helpful foundational beliefs we might choose to adopt:

It’s all happening for me.

I always make the right decision.

I always know the correct path to take.

Everything works out perfectly for me!

I always have access to, and guidance from, God and from my soul.

I am fully taken care of and supported.

I am continually learning and expanding.

All emotions and states of being are available to me at any time. I get to choose!

I act from faith and from the outcome I desire, not from fear or in-the-moment emotions.

It is what it is.

I always know the move to make.

This too shall pass.

I literally can’t screw it up.

There is always a path beyond what I can see.

I invite you to spend some time now choosing new foundational beliefs for yourself, perhaps incorporating any of the above that particularly speak to you.

You will recognise a belief that truly aligns with you when you feel your body expand and experience a sense of strength and excitement or hope.

Finally, don’t forget to get excited about all the new aligned actions you’ll be taking with your new foundational beliefs.

We really can choose our reality, and we’ve got this!



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