September 4, 2021

My Body, My Personal Choice.


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He turned from me, emotionally and financially, when it happened.

I borrowed money from my sister and took a bus alone to the clinic downtown. That night I curled into a ball, cramping, bleeding, and crying while he threw a tantrum because I wouldn’t attend a party with him. I was making him “look bad” to his buddies.

Somehow it was my fault.

For being powerless when he forced himself inside me without protection.

For getting pregnant.

For making a difficult choice.

He later said, with a sneer, that abortion was his preferred form of birth control.

Yet in his eyes, and in the eyes of society, I was the irresponsible one.

I had been “easy,” whereas he had “sowed his oats.”

I “got what I deserved,” whereas he “dodged a bullet.”

I was a slut. He was a stud.

He never looked back.

I never forgot.


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