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September 16, 2021

The Last of Summer’s Full Moons: Pisces triggers Emotions & Relationships. {September 20th}


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“Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ ed


It is called the Harvest Moon, associated with autumnal bounty, but September’s Full Moon in Pisces is the very last of Summer’s full moons, rising just before Autumn Equinox on the 22nd.

Full moon is Mother Moon. She is the fortress that has gestated our new moon dreams. She is expansive and illuminatory, often stretching us in uncomfortable directions. She is active, intense, protective, nurturing, and intuitive.

Because she is so, you are as well. Therefore, you may notice a call to find safety for yourself or take action where before it was wise to wait. You may rely more on your intuition, and practice trusting it. You may find yourself gratefully harvesting blessings, as Mother Moon births your intentions.

Alternatively, you may also fall into fearfulness, insecurity, or a tidal wave of emotions. A Pisces Mother Moon is the cresting ocean wave, at its height and power. But dear Wild One, you are all of these things, the ebb and the flow, the highs and the lows. Allow yourself to feel everything, to ride that wave like a surfer born to the art.

“Gradually we can begin to cherish the preciousness of our whole life just as it is, with its ups and downs, its failures and successes, its roughness and smoothness.” ~ Pema Chödrön

This full moon, gather your emotional resources. Collect the nourishment of Earth Mother and store her support like a squirrel preparing for winter. September also hosts this year’s last Mercury Retrograde on the 27th.

The three cosmic shifts of Full Moon, Equinox, and Mercury Retrograde are the seismic midwives to our inner self.

The moon represents our inner being, what is most private to us, our shadows, traumas, recent and ancient past. We can use the moon’s phases as reminders of when to shine, when to rest, when to envision. These are the gifts of Maiden, Mother, and Crone, alive in our cells and our bones.

Full Moon can trigger feelings of idealism—often this shows up as seeking fulfillment in our relationships. Pisces amplifies this with a need to commit oneself to a dream or ideal.

Check within:

>> What ideal are you committed to? How can this serve you and the wider community?

>> What is something in your relationship(s) that you have idealized? Is this a healthy ideal or something that is holding you in a painful pattern?

Full Moon in Pisces rises near the end of Virgo season. Groundedness and practicality are still your best allies at this time. Sometimes we see “practical” as boring or restrictive, but practicality is really a call to tying up loose ends, tending to the needs of our human body, to being mindful of our actions. It can birth wild abundance.

Abundance is one of the greatest gifts of any Full Moon. She reminds us of the inner well we can draw from during any phase.

Step outside this full moon, and even if you cannot see it, feel it!

Open your heart space to the energy of Mother.

Howl at the stars.

Release high emotions through breath and laughter.

Enjoy self-pleasure under the moonlight, harnessing the explosive energy of orgasm to cast a spell.

Set an intention for the next lunar cycle—see what you can create Full Moon to Full Moon.

Practice gratitude for what is received or is on its way to you.

Share goodwill with the world—take the Full Moon experience beyond yourself.

Blessed be this Harvest Moon. I’m off to the woods to stir some magic. Maybe you will also find yourself in the wilderness of your soul?

PS. In the Southern Hemisphere, Full Moon in Pisces precedes Spring Equinox and is the last full moon of Winter.


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