October 6, 2021

3 Powerful Changes to Create the Life You Want.


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We all have wants and desires—even as spiritual beings having a human experience.

We came here to experience the vast diversity of all that life has to offer.

These desires are within us because we are meant to experience them. They are essentially the catalyst to our own spiritual awakening. Without desire we move unconsciously through our life as a slave to The Matrix and being a passive observer instead of a conscious creator.

Without desire we would not be aware of our preferences and what we do not want. Contrast exists so we can sort and sift what we truly want. We are in each moment given choices. A choice to remain the same or a choice to awaken to our own supernatural powers and expand beyond our limited self.

Reality as we perceive and experience it is a hologram (reflection) of our inner world. Our conditioned responses, thoughts, perception, and beliefs are what manifest as an experience.

Those experiences match what we predominately think and believe.

We see things as we are—not as they are.

Confirmation bias is the tendency to process information by looking for, and interpreting information, that is consistent with one’s existing beliefs. Therefore, our beliefs create our reality via interpretation.

When our beliefs are habitual and consistent with the way we perceive reality then we recreate patterns in our lives.

If you become aware of these patterns you can begin to identify the underlying belief that is creating your reality in the same consistent way. You may feel like external factors have some power over you, but they don’t.

The only source of your external reality is you.

Here are three powerful ways to shift your external reality to that which you desire:

1. Identify your limiting beliefs

You can identify your limiting beliefs by becoming observant and aware of how life is reflecting back to you.

How are other people showing up with you?

Do you find yourself in relationships that never feel passionate or fulfilling?

How is the flow of money in your life?

Identify the story you have created about yourself and what your expectations are. As a spiritual being you are not limited to your identity (self-concept)—you can reset your identity at any moment you choose!

2. Change your self-concept

When you have identified your limiting beliefs you can reprogram your subconscious mind by feeding it new beliefs. Change your story and affirm into your subconscious more powerful beliefs such as: I am limitless. I can have anything I want. I am beautiful. I am adored. Money flows to me effortlessly. I am worthy of anything I desire.

When you initially try to reprogram your subconscious beliefs, your ego will try to reject them because your ego does not want you to expand. Why does this happen? Because this is the comfort zone! Everything is predictable and familiar—what lies on the other side is the unknown. Persisting through the inner conflict and shifting your state of being into the internal acceptance of these new beliefs is what forms a new identity, and you no longer validate or relate to your old story.

3. Validate yourself

Whatever your greatest desire, whether it is a successful career, affluence and luxury, or the ideal relationship, the source of its physical manifestation is the relationship you have with yourself.

What comes first? The validation of the desired result or the feeling and knowing that whatever you want is already yours?

You don’t need outside validation to become the love you seek or the abundance you seek. Nothing outside of you is the source of your happiness. You are the solution and the source of your external reality. When you change your self-concept and limiting beliefs to align with the reality you do want, then validate yourself as the source of your own joy. The external reality will reflect back to you your new state of being.

To change the outside world you don’t change the reflection—you change you.

You can be, do, and have anything you want by releasing the story of your past and creating and embodying a new you.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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