October 13, 2021

Adele announces New Album—& shares the Most Beautiful Description of her Creative Process.

Adele is back and my heart can’t contain its joy.

Almost six years ago, on November 20, 2015—the day she released her last studio album, “25”—I wrote an article on Elephant about how Adele just gets it.

It being:

“The part of our heart that begins to develop the minute we first fall in love.

The piece of our soul that feels everything as if it were happening in 3D.

The place in our mind that dissects every declaration of acceptance and heartbreak.”

And here we are six years later (six years!!!) on the day she officially announced her next album, “30,” which will be released November 19, 2021.

Along with announcing the release date, Adele gave us a small glimpse into what it was like to make this album and what she has spent the past six years going through in her own life.

(Scroll to read her words!)


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We’ve all had those years, or series of years. The ones where you fall. The ones where you have to find ways to rebuild. To start over. To remember what it’s like to feel full and happy and loved and cared for again.

The years when you cry, wishing you had others to lean on. The years when you realize that the one you need most is you.

And for anyone who creates art, anyone who is passionate about a craft, anyone who has found their right livelihood, you know how that art, that passion can show up for you when you need it most—if you let it.

Adele’s words, her admission that this album was her best friend, her “ride or die” during the toughest time of her life (which included a highly publicized divorce and weight loss), spoke directly to my heart.

It is why I write. It is the reason that others sing or direct movies or cook or revel in the raising of their children.

We all have our why. And that why is our home regardless of how the world is expanding or falling apart around us.

Personally, I can’t wait for Adele to let us take a peek into hers again.


Check out a snippet of “Easy on Me,” Adele’s new single, which drops in full on Friday, October 15th:


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