October 10, 2021

Depression isn’t a dirty Word.


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“To use your head, you have to go out of your mind.” ~ Timothy Leary


The art of being human, living fully, and using neuropsychology as a mental health Hail Mary.

The illusion was that we anticipated ease. Little did we do to equip ourselves with the armor one inevitably needs to exist in this life. It’s no surprise we suffer. We doubt. We slide into depression.

The difficult becomes easy once we acknowledge the almost certain encounter of challenge.

The rite of passage is accepted because it is simply a part of the process. A rite of passage wears the gown of cliches. “If it were easy, everyone would do it.”

It is known in the undertaking of the goal that one must go through this to get to that.

Failure is a rite of passage to success much like its more unwelcomed sibling grief is a rite of passage in aging. Merely roadblocks, trench holes, and the sixth sense that looms at the end of a dark alley—they are just a part of life.

These commonalities form a union in humanity. If only we knew how the secrets of our hidden suffering actually bind us. There isn’t a person who will skip the tragedy and just bask in the totality of grace and triumph.

We are in this together, broken, and whole, and on the same ride called life.



We are our wounds—may they describe poetically the ways in which we are more warriors than wreckage.

Do the things that keep you balanced—run, walk, skydive into the adrenaline of having another day to live, and tell its tales.

Think grand visions, rooted in kind thoughts and limitless beliefs. Notice the small blessings and dance on the vibration of gratitude, swaying between enlightenment and love and all the best manifestations that you have the power to create.

Show up, fully human, unafraid to hurt. Willing to heal.

Break into the purity of your truest self. You are the entirety of all your potential, in every given moment.

The dopamine rush of a choice and its reward, the sunlight you step into that spins your day into a sensation of serotonin and the happiness that it bestows. We are our regrets, our shame, our future possibilities. We are the clutter of everything and delight of nothing based on the tidiness of our mind.

I urge and encourage you, be fearlessly human. Make mistakes. Be perfect in your journey of expanding experiences; perfection is simply to thrive in the continuum of conscious action. Perfection is to live fully, with brain, mind, and body invigorated in awareness and acceptance of you having done your best, even when you think it is inadequate.

Loosen the reigns; let your vision run free; pull yourself back in. That’s living.

Meditate. Slow down. Embrace the silence.





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