October 21, 2021

The Hunter’s Full Moon: Being Yourself will Cost you Everything.


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So many things are emphasized under the full moon energy with the tides of Earth and the rise of waters within our own body.

We have Pisces and Aries energy with us, which has deep effects on the head, brain, eyes, muscles (Aries), feet, and lymphatic system (Pisces).

This full moon has a lot of detoxification for the physical body. You may want to enjoy a nice bath, get a good sweat on, or enjoy a dry brush and abhyanga practice.

Mercury governs the lungs, arms, fingers, small intestine, pancreas, and liver so make sure you are really drinking a lot of warm water to nourish and cleanse.

Here are some of the major hitters that have been pulling at our heartstrings this month:

>> October 6: Pluto stations direct cycle began April 27
>> October 10: Saturn stations direct cycle began May 23
>> October 17: Jupiter stations direct cycle began June 20
>> October 18: Mercury stations direct cycle began Sept 26
>> October 22: Sun enters Scorpio-Tropical astrology
>> October 30: Mars enters Scorpio-Tropical astrology

With this many planets stationing direct, it is time to ensure all loose ends are tied and that you are ready to move forward. Although Pluto is far and its energies are claimed as subtle, it rules over death and transformation but has a shadow aspect of obsession and paranoia.

This is a reminder to trust and move past fear. Viruses are present when we speak of Pluto, and in 2024 Pluto makes some interesting influences. Saturn is a harsh planet that governs life lessons, so what lesson are you still facing, and has there been a present theme in your life since May? What is that action you’re not taking?

Jupiter is known as the planet of luck, abundance, and expansion, yet in order to expand, we must break the glass that contains us. What barriers are you breaking? What boundaries are you setting? What discipline (Saturn) are you taking to allow your growth (Jupiter) to be grounded?

Mercury can want us to move quickly, which is why retrograde can be so frustrating because barriers come up that make us slow down. Each planet has a shadow period before and after retrograde and stationing direct so information is still coming when it comes to your next step forward.

Don’t rush the integration, but ask the questions of what is it that I want? Is it what I want or what someone else wants? What is holding me back, and why am I allowing my power to be taken in such a way?

The Hunter’s Full Moon is the time of year to go hunt and prepare for the colder months.

Since we do not live a nomadic lifestyle, this moon can give us different insights. With the Hunter’s Full Moon energy, we can hunt down our truths. Beware of desire versus needs and obsessions versus truth. What you need in life is simple, what you desire is complicated. Simplify the creation of your dreams and take the action steps required of you.

Now, the moon is technically in the constellation of Pisces and connecting with a star known as Alpherg. It is the star that holds the fish together. The traditional name Al Pherg is from the Arabic تدفق المياه (Al Fargh), which means an outpouring of water.

This star connects to the mysteries and the pineal gland, giving us an invitation to activate the mysticism that lives within us. When I read outpouring of water it means outpouring of psychic energy, intuitive knowledge, golden energy. The power this star has in relation to the full moon is success through determination.

Part of your ego may want to call it quits; it may want to roll over and start something else instead of continuing down the path you want and know to be true. This is Aries energy. Now is not the time to give up on yourself or the world.

It is a time to dig in deep, extend your arms out, and embrace those who need it most—even yourself. The energy of Pisces is duality, the polarity. So the aspects of coming into union/harmony with the feminine and masculine energies within you will bring balance to relationships around you.

Moon opposite Sun brings awareness to home life, relationship, and work, so you may feel like nothing can coexist together. This is about creating harmony so that you can have it all. No one said you can’t have it all other than the voice in your head.

Tropical astrology tells us that the moon is in Aries, which can be extremely invigorating depending on the fire placements in your chart or confusing. Power up the “what the f*ck am I doing” kind of energy. This moon is asking us to take swift action in tying up loose ends—to get out of the “woe is me” attitude, and go after what we want.

If you are in a place of confusion, there is further searching that needs to be done to gain clarity on your unique path in this life. We are all here to break cycles to different degrees. How we do that is up to us. We can continue to repeat the same lessons in regards to procrastination, money, love, work, food, health or we can choose right now to take one action every day to break the cycle we find ourselves in.

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“The death of self must be self-made.” ~ Jessy Lehman

You have to be willing to give up everything you thought you wanted or were in order to learn the truth. Your happiness will cost you the illusions of joy that society has told you you needed.

With the Sun opposite Mars, we have a lot of bruised egos showing up or we have a soul-led mission being born.

What is it you are fostering right now? Your bruised ego or your life’s work?

Venus trine Jupiter invites us to see the expansion available to us in relationships when we come into deeper harmony with ourselves. This may translate to breaking cycles of abuse and addiction or feeling the pull toward these things.

Venus square Pluto further emphasizes the above statement.

Are you letting yourself transform or obsess? Are you letting old relationships fall, or are you clinging onto them for dear life? Maybe you need to strip it back to basics and look at what matters to you in a relationship by further activating the union and duality from Pisces.

Moon square Pluto and Mars square Pluto have a lot of energy in the field of jealousy, competition, paranoia, over assertiveness, so it is important to keep your cool, stick your feet in the mud, and be humble.

There is enough success for everyone. If you need to have a conversation with someone in regards to how you are being treated, sit down alone, breathe, think about what is really bothering you, and then decide if it is a conversation you need to have.

This moon has a lot of momentum for you to get things rolling if you are in a place of humility. It has the potential to activate you in ways of growth or in ways that will perpetuate previous cycles.

The choice is yours.

The power of the Hunter’s Moon says that you have the ability to work hard, endure long days, put in hard work, and that it will pay off through the colder months of the year.

What are you hunting and how will it nourish you?


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