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October 29, 2021

Ron Trautman about Future

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.

Ron Trautman talks about the Future of Emerging Technologies around Carbon Neutral Solutions. Ron Trautman mentioned, “the concept of carbon-neutral operations has become a topic of interest across the board”. Organizations, corporations, and even governments are looking into achieving the ambitious goal of becoming carbon neutral sooner than later.
Carbon neutral refers to achieving net-zero carbon dioxide emissions, Ron Trautman states. It is not possible to produce zero amount of carbon dioxide since it is an almost inseparable part of all major processes and operations across industries and sectors. However, organizations can still achieve net-zero carbon emissions by following the ‘Calculate – Reduce – Balance’ concept; it refers to calculating the carbon emissions produced, reducing as much as possible, and purchasing carbon offsets to balance the emissions that cannot be reduced.
Another poignant method of reducing carbon emissions is to invest in carbon neutral solutions and try to integrate such solutions in the different aspects of production, process, and operation. And with the emergence of several disruptive, innovative technologies with applications in a variety of industries, it has become easier than ever to subscribe to carbon-neutral solutions.
Ron Trautman, a global strategist and renowned impact professional, shares some intriguing technologies that have emerged in this field –
Floating Wind Systems
An onshore wind system causes a high degree of carbon emissions and also entails high costs owing to the customization of each turbine. However, not for long. While it is still a new concept, the idea of floating wind systems is not very far from reality. In fact, in probably less than a decade eco-friendly and relatively cheaper floating wind systems will be everywhere.
Broad Spectrum Solar
Solar energy advancements have been one of the biggest contributors to our fight against climate change. However, even these widely used solar panels are now changing to achieve higher efficiency and increased sustainability. Presently, narrow-spectrum solar panels are available that absorb only about 20% of the sunlight. Research and studies are in motion across the world to develop broad-spectrum solar panels.
Clean Hydrogen
The majority of the hydrogen consumed by industries across the world is a derivation of coal or natural gas. While hydrogen in itself is a zero-carbon fuel, however, its production from gas or coal results in close to 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide being produced for every single tonne of hydrogen production. This problem has been on the radar for a long time and new technologies have emerged that allow the production of clean hydrogen.
Vacuum Cleaners for Carbon Dioxide
While this technology has been around for some time now, there have been massive innovations and improvements in this field. These vacuum cleaners are large machines that remove CO2 from the atmosphere and isolate it underground or supply it to industries that utilize CO2 in their production process.
Ron Trautman concludes that these are just a few of the many emerging technologies in the field of carbon-neutral solutions. And with the increasing focus of the world on climate change and carbon emissions, this market is only set to grow further.

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