October 24, 2021

The Journey of Sexual Awakening.


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Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of work with people, men and women, on sexual awakening.

This isn’t something new; I’ve been doing this for a long time, and over time, the elements of this journey have deepened and expanded.

I’d like to share some of these with you.

Sexual awakening is stepping into the field of possibility.

It’s a journey into yourself, into all aspects of yourself.

It’s a journey into vitality and passion.

It’s a journey into creativity.

A journey into your body, your heart, your mind, and your spirit.

A sexual awakening is a life awakening.

Our sexuality is not in vacuum; it’s connected to every part of who we are and expresses itself in so many ways, in so much of what we do.

Our genitals are but a small part of that.

It’s also a lifelong journey—the exploration, the learning, the field of possibility is endless, limitless.

This is a journey for yourself.

You do it for yourself.

Not for another, not for a relationship, not to keep someone, not to stay somewhere, or stay with someone.

Doing this for anyone else breeds resentment, anger, frustration, and blame. It’s giving yourself away.


It’s a journey of allowing.

It can’t be forced; it can’t be rushed.

It’s allowing what’s within you, what’s lain dormant to awaken. It needs space to be met, space to rise to the surface.

When we give ourselves the time, when we relax into it, we allow it to flow, to move, naturally.

Force creates resistance.

Resistance becomes resistance to pleasure, to celebration, to joy.

It becomes filled with resentment of our bodies, resentment to sex.


We open up to ourselves in a way that allows us to integrate the experience in every way.

It’s a journey into the mind.

Into the conscious, the subconscious, the beliefs we’ve developed, the stories we have, the power we’ve given the stories.

It’s a journey into ideas, into ways of being—philosophy.

It’s about developing a relationship with our minds, an engaged relationship, and exploring different parts of the mind.

Finding ourselves in inspiration, in creativity.

It’s a journey into the body.

Into sensation, into feeling.

Into our skin—our delicious, endless skin…a wonderland of possibilities.

It’s an exploration of the mystery, of the magic, of our genitals, portals to energy, to expanded states of consciousness.

It’s about a relationship, a conscious relationship with our bodies, in rest, in space, in movement, in love, in breath.

It’s a journey into the heart.

The Heart.


Love for ourselves, in so many ways, for another, and for life.

It’s about heart-centered sexuality.

The arousal of the heart.

The desire of the heart.

It’s about a relationship with our hearts.

The heart space is a field that holds us, that becomes the way we live.

It’s a journey into energy.

The mystical force that flows within us, around us, through us.

It’s about developing a relationship with energy, subtlety, nuance, feeling, sensitivity.

It’s a journey into our feelings.

The uncomfortable, the difficult, the challenging, the expansive, the intense, the gentle, the delicious.

It’s a deepening relationship with ourselves, with that which arises within us, endlessly through our lives.

It’s a surrender to ourselves in the dance of being.

It’s a journey into desire.

And into the unknown.

Into what arouses us, interests us, draws us, excites us.

What makes us curious, what’s in the shadows of our deepest longings.

It’s a relationship with all that we are, the fullness of who we are, that keeps expanding, growing, deepening.

It’s a journey into celebration.

Of our laughter and tears.

Of our moans, our screams of pleasure.

Our “oh yes, yes, yes,” our “more, more,” our quiet surrender to the inexpressible sensation of the expanded orgasmic state.

Our experience of spirit in the eyes and touch of another.

And ourselves.

Our wonder-full selves.

That’s the awakening.


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