October 3, 2021

When we’re Tired of being Tired, we can do This.

Sometimes we become tired of being tired—of feeling the weight of our responsibilities, our choices, and our lives.

We wonder if that’s all there is—the struggle, the just getting by—while we long for more, so much more.

We feel a whisper begging us to take a different path, a different belief, a different outcome, but we push down the sound as it feels too much of an effort for our exhausted body and mind.

Our world is loud and our surroundings are familiar. We don’t allow ourselves time to question our beliefs, responses, and choices. We become closed off, rigid to change or asking for help, conflicted of our purpose and passion, and lost in a past version of ourselves, which we faintly remember.

When we experience these moments, it feels like we should tighten control and pull back on what we hold sacred. We have become so used to the hamster wheel of life. We give our power to others and search for answers from the outside world to address our vice of choice.

We are in the world at this time for a reason, an experience, to allow learning, and observe our fears—no experience or lesson has been wasted. We can show gratitude for all our experiences and life thus far.

We are a combination of our seemingly small choices added together—like many tiny stitches, combining to show us the rich tapestry of our life—unlimited in opportunity and possibility.

What if we offered ourselves kindness and the chance to open ourselves up? The chance to question what it is that we really want?

What if we hold the answers in the whispers from within? Could we nourish that voice and give it permission to get louder, so we trust it, follow it, and ask our own guidance and intuition for the answers?

This could be an opportunity to challenge all that we know and open up to who we could be, before we get obsessed with the completion, the success, and the should.

We could allow ourselves to just be, no effort needed—trusting that we are enough.

Our connection back to peace, back to the self, comes from silence. Silence is the space where messages, guidance, and awareness are offered to usour attention is on ourselves. It brings us into a place of newness and hope, giving our thoughts and inner being a sincere space to connect with ourselves.

Silence is the light that we desperately need—through this space we can release our thoughts and worries.

We can place our hands on our hearts, feel the beating, and notice our breath, our anchor to life—the life we have ultimate power in which to create our experience. We can take the time to strip back our reality, to where the only thing that matters is that beating, that breath, that relationship with our self.

It can seem overwhelming, important, and all consuming—then when we remember the truth, we can come back to the silence. This is when we remember the worth we already hold, without longing, searching, or expectations. Just loving ourselves unconditionally—if we allow it.

The whispers within are a sacred space for us to open to all we’ve held back. It’s a space to remember and ask ourselves what we long and wish for. To allow and receive the guidance. To let ourselves dream, wonder, and contemplate all we are and are yet to be. It enables us to know the bigger path, appreciate our worthiness, realise the value that we offer, and understand the love that we bring.

This space, the silence, and the whispers from within are what saves us, holds us, and brings us back to love and ultimately to ourselves.

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