November 12, 2021

Healing Our Deep Inner Pain & Wounds: Chiron the Wounded Healer Goes Direct Year’s End 2021.

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The post-pandemic reality is changing everyone’s lives and how we do life and relate.

2021 has been no different, as everyone is dealing with things under the surface, learning to flow with change, and to live life in these new ways. 

To understand the bigger story of what is going on in reality and within our lives, we can look at astrology and our own psyche and soul to bring awareness of how we as individuals can live life in more mindful ways. 

The majority of 2021 has energetically been focused on us healing our wounds from the past and shifting our story and mindset to live better. With many planets retrograde, starting in April, we all have been revisiting the past in different forms. When we become conscious of our own soul and the cycle of our evolution, we can understand what we are learning and we have our own individual opportunity to confront ourselves and how we can change for the better. Knowing how we can grow and becoming present with what mindsets and behaviors no longer work can allow us to transform.

We get stuck when our mind or suppressed emotions trap us with resistance, control, and the inability or unwillingness to grow within ourselves and shift our ways. The mind can be a powerful force, yet when it’s filled with trauma, veils, and unconscious patterns, it keeps us from becoming authentic within ourselves and our true joyful nature. Unless we face ourselves and become congruent in our mind, body, and soul, we may always attach to people and external circumstances to keep our bigger demons and masks covered.

Doing shadow work and wanting to overcome our trauma or childhood wounds is not always glamorous and doing the work does cause pain and it does brings things up. However, overcoming our wounds of abandonment and pain, which we all have in different degrees, allows us to become more empowered in ourselves, and integrate the suppressed mental and emotional scars that keep us unhappy, unhealthy, unwell, and limited.

We all can learn to heal ourselves as we develop mindfulness, feel into our triggers and traumas, and use relationships and people to help us work through our underlying fears, attachments, and more.

In a polarized world, there isn’t much we can hide anymore; it’s our responsibility to align with our soul, develop self-awareness, and become accountable for the life we are creating. 

Chiron, symbolic as the archetype of the wounded healer, has been retrograde in Aries since July 15 and will remain retrograde until December 19, 2021. 

We all have an aspect of Chiron and wound, a place we feel inferior, victim, insecure, and unloved. Once we know our wounds and what aspect of ourselves needs growth, we can then take steps to transform and become aware of ourselves, and consciously help our mind and heart heal.

Aries represents the I am presence archetype. It’s Aries that teaches us to become leaders of our own lives and forces us to overcome our insecurities and fears that keep us in people pleasing mode and from stepping forward into our own individual destiny. Becoming aware of our unique identity and soul journey helps us know what battles, obstacles, lessons, and more we can overcome. We all get to overcome codependency, heal childhood wounds, and insecurity, and create a solid foundation within ourselves with Aries.

Aries is the masculine force, yang energy. When out of balance, it shows up as emotional bombs and self-hatred projected outward onto others as abuse, criticism, being too headstrong, defensive, and stuck in the stubborn ego mind, unwilling to soften into the love of the heart. 

Aries is fire, and that can be explosive when not managed mentally and emotionally. Yet, Aries balanced, offers passion, drive, excitement, and a full sense of purpose in life, with the will and initiative to take action to pursue our inner calling.

Everyone on the planet has been dealing with their inner warrior, including the suppressed anger, rage, hatred, victim mentality, and internal animosity that we carry. When we look at the past and history, we can empathize with the issues of masculinity we all have encountered and experienced. Since we all carry with us aspects of our past lives, and have played both genders, we all carry both masculine and feminine wounds. 

Recently, the wound of Chiron and the ability to be your unique self, has been highlighted. 

In relationships, we all experience things to heal aspects of ourselves. People play roles and we, and our own unconscious, view people in our projection. Relationships help us bring up our baggage and overcome trauma and limitations if we are willing to break the patterns and heal the pain. As we heal our trauma, we also outgrow others.

Hearted by

Self-mastery requires us all to shed the emotional pain and mental patterns keeping us in self-sabotaging loops and trauma. This includes our fantasies, conditioning on what love is, our resistance and fear of loneliness, so we can learn to cultivate love within ourselves and live in alignment with love, including respecting others for the reality they choose.

Until we live within our body and deal with our inner chaos of suppressed negative emotions and limiting beliefs, we won’t be able to live empowered and authentic in who we are. We will bleed on others, criticize, harm others, punch, pick fights, and operate in shady and childish ways. Healing our inner child and overcoming our individual karma is how we mature and become conscious, loving beings.

Humbling the ego takes time. The universe can eclipse our lives and people out of them to force us in new directions. Yet, it is our free will choice in whether we will continue on our road less traveled and be willing to make radical changes and wake up within ourselves, or whether we stay in what’s comfortable and refuse to change.

Healing my own Chiron issues has gifted me with massive growth, hard lessons, and now, a lot of wisdom. I’m by no means perfect, and I believe we are always learning and growing. While my own process, something that began with yoga, has taken about seven years to fully complete and come full circle, I know that if it wasn’t for astrology and the knowledge that came to me, I wouldn’t be alive today. 

Our unconscious and psyche are powerful and within us all we have aspects of light and dark. We all act out unconsciously at times, and we all are victims of our own past and whatever is within our own mind. However, we all can learn to evolve out of our emotional chaos and tame negative mental emotional energy as it comes up, as we are willing. 

We are all fighting an internal and external battle in some form. Compassion is needed to help us all get through and learn to tame our inner beast to cultivate more beauty, harmony, kindness, and love.

Shifting out of a pompous narcissistic personality and learning to soften into the heart and body and empower our inner feminine is how we not only learn to fully love ourselves, but also love others. We all have aspects of both, and can live too prideful, too empathetic, and too unconscious.

We all have stories, wounds, a history, and we all can become better versions of ourselves at any time. Yet, without forgiveness, releasing our inner agitations, confronting the shadows, and now, our own demons, we will all be living in illusions of our minds and not present in reality. We will project onto others, ruin relationships, put up walls, and deny our issues, unless we become humble and kind human beings. 

Where and what the exact soul lessons of Chiron are is individual to someone’s astrology chart. We all are affected by Chiron in Aries and the retrograde to uncover and heal our collective past. We can look at our recent history: how political figures and policies have trumped human beings, how violence is now the weapon to revolt with, and how everyone, on some level, is living caged, restricted, and suppressed, with no ability to feel fully free.

We are all wounded in some degree, with no system that can support the individual and help people grow to be happy, healthy, and free individuals. Yet, we can help ourselves, learn better, break the mold, and take the reins of our life, and love, live, and lead in better ways.

Whether we are male or female in a physical body, we all can learn to develop wellness within ourselves. This begins with mental and emotional health, and a spark of awareness to shed light on our own cycles, trauma, and psychologically to know how to transform.

Like anything, without accepting ourselves and wanting to change, and taking action to change, we will continue in the same karmic loops and repeat the past. The addictions we feed will keep us escaping, denying, pointing fingers, and rejecting the mirrors of what others and the world reflects.

We can heal ourselves, inspire others, help others, and rise out of the victim and mind games, including our past. However, we need to take our own healing journey and mend the relationship we have with ourselves, and free ourselves of the shackles of the mind that keep us in bondage to unhealthy elements and thinking that we are separate from ourselves and one another.

For unity, we all get to evolve into heart-centered souls, loving human beings, and become able to mature with compassion, empathy, independence, and the ability to live free and create a positive life we desire. 

To relate and get along, we all get to look at how we are treating one another, the reality our mind creates and believes, and whether we unify or divide and create separation or harm.

In this year’s end, may we all reflect, make peace, stop war, and reconcile past relationships and events, and let go of whatever is still holding us hostage and heavy. Because we all deserve to live happy and free and embody love in our fullest, unique way.

It begins with ourselves, our relationships, our families, communities, and each other.

Peace, love, wellness, and healing for all!


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