January 10, 2021

It’s 2021: It’s Time to Heal, Grow & Step into our Destiny.

“Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ ed Please


We survived 2020 and while everyone has had a different experience of what that year brought, we all, in some ways, were forced to slow down, adapt, change our ways, and hopefully, realize what really matters in the bigger scheme of life. 

Whether it’s focusing more on self-care, taking better care of ourselves, or dealing with remote work and life balance, we all have needed to abandon the ways of the old and find some level of acceptance for our new reality. 

Although 2020 ushered in remarkable chaos, challenge, change, and more, perhaps humanity now needs to ban together to help us all evolve beyond old power structures to recognize the infinitive potential and possibility that can arise when we individually shift our mind and beliefs and become the change we wish to see and be. There is power in people, and we can’t deny the interconnectivity of the universe and how connected we are to each other.

Beyond our own ego, self, and mind, we can begin to unify and heal from the past ways we were all taught to believe and be. Recognizing our own ability to create freedom, health, and prosperity in a lifetime can lead us to more fulfillment and ease.

By recognizing we are the projectors of our reality and to hold power to choose, change, and create our life and improve our quality of well-being allows us to live in a better state—free of fear. Unless we take responsibility for ourselves and all we create through thoughts, words, actions, and behaviors, we may still be living victim and with unconscious pains and insecurities.

The mask we choose to wear won’t come off unless we individually empower ourselves and adjust our own filters and limited perspectives. Our sensitivities can be our best gifts and worst allies if we haven’t developed our own inner power to live aligned and connected with the knowing that we all influence and affect one another.

It’s 2021: why not be the change, show up in more mature fashions, and outgrow the addictive ways in which we all try to force our ways on life and others? It’s up to us all to evolve beyond the past and pave the way for a new future, one that is unlike anything we know. We write and create the story together, all playing different parts, and acting as characters to, ultimately, help us transform and learn.

We all can choose now to rise in love and outgrow the power struggles and ways we wage wars internally and externally with others. This pandemic and political drama won’t go away easily unless we all can harmonize and unify within ourself, with others, with our family members, and whoever is in our reality.

Understanding our individual and collective story can help us decode our mind and the myth we may be living and the illusion we may be believing.

We all have the ability to heal, work through our challenges, and accept our karma in a lifetime, knowing we can overcome negative tendencies, illness, self-hatred, and more—with a willingness to overcome our addictive mind games, the ways we get ourselves stuck, and how we think reality is and should be.

What if in 2021, we all take reigns to free ourselves from trauma, drama, greed, wounds, and old mindsets so that we all can thrive and live better?

Astrology can helps us all understand the great movie playing out on the world’s screen, and it helps us understand our own individual story. We choose to be caged, locked into certain belief systems, and attached to our ways. The possibility to see and think differently is always there if we are willing to allow it.

We can learn how to find our true north and step into our destiny by being ourselves and sparking new awareness in who that is, beyond conditioning and more. Because when we spark our inner power, we can perceive ourselves and the world in new ways and foster growth to become our true self. 

To create balance, we all must create inner and outer harmony to live in a more content, fulfilled, and purposeful fashion. 

In this new 2020 paradigm, we are moving into The Age of Aquarius and transitioning out of The Age of Pisces, and, in order to transform, we all will face challenges and need to level up our ways, including our beliefs and ability to live in more morally righteous and loving ways.

The virus and shade that is constantly streaming through screens and with people highlights the inner evils that lay latent within us, unless we choose to foster and live by better values, beliefs, and behaviors.

The astrological nodes can help us see the current struggle humanity is facing. With the south node in Sagittarius and north node in Gemini, our great challenge is to move away from our old comfort zones and more toward more connection and unity, all of which begins within our own mind and self.

Our psychic awareness is developing and our bodies and world is adjusting. How we experience this new world is dependent on ourselves and what we choose to believe.

Adopting a dualistic perception about reality and releasing old religious ideas, including the idea that a God or someone else will save us, can help us become more independent and loving within ourselves. Whatever hatred we hold will be hijacked and karma does come around to teach us and help us release our negative self-sabotaging ways and the lies we hold and create.

Whatever the screen or people mirror back can provide clarity and reinforcement about who we are in the moment and who we can become. We can all let go of blame, victim consciousness, scarcity, loneliness, and fear, as we choose to live open-hearted and receive. 

This new energy of 2021 is wild and will be felt by us all. It’s a new dawn to rise out of lovelessness and cultivate better relationships by adopting integrity and living virtuously, knowing there is enough for us all and that we all can enjoy life and work together to create a better system, a new reality, and the kind of life we all can dream of.

It’s no secret our world is divided, and we all can bridge our differences, accept others’ beliefs, and adopt mindfulness to create more peace, love, and unity for all.

In this new decade, it’s love that wins, and those who choose to embody it through the mind and body can live in more soulful and heart-loving ways.


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Read 6 comments and reply

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