September 7, 2020

The Key to Releasing Triggers & Healing Childhood Trauma.

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It’s easier to run and hide from our problems than it is to confront them.

Often it’s easier to cast blame, shame other people, and allow our suppressed emotions and mental reactions to cause us to act out.

While thinking other people are the problem is human nature, we can learn how to heal our wounds, overcome our triggers, and overcome the limiting ways we think.

Denying our problems and failing to admit where we are in the wrong actually keeps us from evolving and maturing into our best self. Holding that kind of armor and thinking our ego is always right keeps us from emotionally softening. When we don’t confront our triggers, we deny ourselves the opportunity to not only evolve but also liberate ourselves.

Life is a reflection of what’s inside of us. The Universe will continue to reflect our issues in people and more, until it’s resolved. The wheel of karma continues with the same results until wake up to our own self-sabotage want to make a change.

It’s possible to shift our mental and emotional state and overcome any trauma or limiting patterns that keep us reactive and acting out.

The world harbors a lot of hate. Our own self-hate shows up when we can’t take feedback, get judgmental, and shame others. Unfortunately, the majority of us don’t know how to emotionally connect or control our mental and emotional issues.

Suppressed pain and anger causes us to revolt or numb out or get reactive. Although drugs and medications are easy fixes to some problems, and knocking people out of our lives is a common thing, none of that ever fixes the root problem or resolves the mind, body, and nervous system so we can live in a more content and peaceful state.

We can ditch people, ghost, bulldoze, and put up walls with each other and think our problems are gone; yet our problems never actually go away until we deal with them. Often our own self-sabotage and limiting thinking keeps us stuck without the ability to feel better in ourselves and overcome our inner issues and insecurities.

Emotional well-being is the key to finding fulfillment and feeling happy.

By confronting our wounds, feeling into our suppressed emotional pain, and allowing people to show us new aspects of ourselves, we can wake up to the ignorance within us.

Because there is polarity on Earth, we can realize that all people who trigger us are opportunities to help us grow and live better; yet we must be willing to take the feedback, feel into what our triggers are teaching us, and unhook from the underlying story that is keeping us defensive and in protection mode.

When life and people show up and reflect our issues, it’s easier to hold our guard and project our problems, rather than working through them and finding a positive resolution. Although most people can’t take feedback, it’s necessary to pay attention to our external environment, and to what people teach us and can show us about us.

With the 2020 paradigm shift, when isolation and technology are big things, mindfulness is imperative in order to sustain and create positive relationships and allow ourselves to consciously live in a more graceful form. Without awareness and good communication, our insecurities and inner wounds will be active and continually triggered.

The unconscious is so strong, and our triggers and traumas are a result of unconscious fear. Often, our inner child wants to cling to what it wants and reacts when it doesn’t get its way.

Thus, the ability to live in more conscious and mature fashions actually centers around our ability to emotionally mature and mentally grow out of our insecurities and all the ways we think people and the world are hurting us. That requires awakening to all the ways our ego and mind like to control and think life and people need to be.

I remember when I use to take things personally. I was closed off, strongheaded, and my type A personality thought I knew everything about life and how I needed to live. My own selfish ego kept me from confronting my inner wounds and kept me trying to perfect my looks and more to try to “win” in life.

It wasn’t until I found yoga and began teaching yoga that I was able to soften and realize another way.

I used to stress about being perfect and getting “the career.” While trying to follow the typical “American” path, I reached such a low state in life where I could no longer go on that typical trajectory. I needed to deal with the stress in my mind and pain in my body.

It was taking time to feel into my body and work through my emotional storm that not only improved my body, but healed my digestive issues, emotional mood, and childhood trauma, and it taught me a lot about myself.

While I once held tremendous pride, yoga helped humble me to work through my issues and develop mental and emotional well-being. Rather than chasing external things, finding security in false objects and people, and stressing myself out while feeling miserable in myself, I was eventually forced to look at myself and improve my quality of life.

Too often we are taught we need to look good, have the big job title, make the money, and have all the things to make ourselves appear successful. Women especially are so hyped in what Western culture has taught us about living that it’s made many headstrong and too alpha-dominant. 

What yoga taught me was a real, good relationship is created by you and you alone. 

Everyone in life can shape us and help us if we allow it and release the resistance to change.

Emotional well-being and learning to balance our unique energy allows us to soften our hard, stubborn ego to begin to explore other perspectives and possibilities. As we release attachments and move emotions in the body, we can tap more into our heart and the truth of who we are.

Life helps us shift our ways, grow out of our wounds and rigid tendencies, if we are willing. The universe won’t do it for us; we have to be willing to evolve in ourselves to transform our lives, our relationships, our financial affairs, and our sense of health and well-being—including our security within ourselves.

Health and well-being are key components to creating happiness, love, and positive relationships. This requires emotional wellness. Trapped emotions stay in our body and cause not only triggers, but also diseases.

I believe we all miss out on and forget about the purpose of life because we get so lost in chasing an American dream that doesn’t exist. When problems arise, we usually ignore our pain, pop a pill, and continue to suppress ourselves and think we have no problems.

Ironically, it’s in confronting our shadow that we actually can develop more peace and well-being. We all hold a lot of shame in admitting our flaws, getting vulnerable, and being able to express ourselves in conscious and coherent forms. The more we become reactive with one another and within relationships, the more we will all continue to argue, battle, and fight. 

Unfortunately, all the pills and yoga in the universe cannot resolve our suppressed pain or internal issues until we dare to face them, resolve them, and overcome them. We can learn together how to work through issues and live more harmoniously.

We can overcome trauma, regulate our nervous system, and overcome mental and emotional issues, including our reactions and poor behaviors. It takes courage to learn to live less headstrong, and to want to tap into our sensitivities and even learn what life is trying to teach us.

Rather than being sensitive and dismissive, we can learn to communicate better and resolve the inner wounds that may be keeping us blocked, angry, arrogant, and unwilling to face what may need to be healed within us. There is so much power and great reward when we choose to uncover the loveless ways we act and the limiting patterns that hold us back from getting what we truly desire. 

The mind and body are our key to health, happiness, and fulfillment. Developing mental and emotional well-being can lead us to tap into our soul and make positive changes to overcome the negative karmic patterns, triggers, and negative emotions that maybe limiting us.

We can live more authentic and empowered lives, create better relationships, and have more fun with an open mind and open heart.

Emotional wellness is key to living well, feeling good, and staying healthy, and it’s imperative for fulfillment. 


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