December 27, 2021

Crossing the Door to the New Year with these Tried & Tested Rituals.

The countdown to 2022 begins.

In a few days, all over the planet, people will be on the threshold of a new year.

Some of us will be wiping our foreheads in relief (whew!) that we made it through. Others will be reluctant to knock on the door, wondering what awaits on the other side of the portal.

Some will be carrying the heavy burden of grief and worry, having lost loved ones. Others will be celebrating recovery from illness, injury, and addiction.

Some will be trembling in anticipation. Others will be cowering under the covers in fear.

Some will be joyous about potential opportunities. Others will be wondering where their next meal is coming from and how they will pay their bills.

Some will be doing all they can to keep themselves and their families safe from the marauding virus. Others will be cavalierly going about their lives, throwing caution to the wind, unconcerned about how their actions impact others.

Some will be on the side of hate that ravages the world. Others will be on the side of love that heals it. Some will perpetuate the big lie and the violence to our democracy that results. Others will rigorously defend the truth.

Some will continue to treat the earth as if it is their trash can. Others will do what they can to sustain it, knowing that there is no planet B. Some will buoy people up. Others will bully them down.

Some will enter the world. Others will take their leave (I just saw the news that Archbishop Desmond Tutu made his transition). Others who crossed the threshold between this world and the next in 2021, leave their imprint as well. Such is the dichotomy of life.

I do a few rituals at the ending of the year that I invite you to engage in as well:

List what it is you celebrate from the year that is about to end.

Have you taken leaps you had never anticipated and landed safely? Have you welcomed new relationships or healed fractured ones? Have you set aside destructive habits and patterns? Have you learned things about yourself that have helped you change the trajectory of your life? Have you moved to a new home? Have you welcomed new leaves on your family tree? Have you changed jobs or careers? Have you gone back to school or graduated? Have you tossed aside limiting beliefs?

This will help you establish or sustain an attitude of gratitude.

Now, create an inventory of what you are letting go of.

Hurt, self-doubt, and destructive behaviors. Resentments and anger. Poor self-esteem. Actions that harm yourself and others. Irresponsibility. Belief in lack and limitation. Carrying the weight of the world and taking responsibility for the feelings of others. Doom-scrolling and going down the rabbit hole of despair as a result.

Once you have released that which has taken up space in your mind and heart, open yourself to what you want to call in. Love. Healthy relationships. Compassion for self and others. Abundance in all forms. Responsibility for your actions. Working through trauma and psychological injury. Good self-care. Regaining trust. Possibilities in thinking.

Imagine a doorway through which you will be stepping.

Describe the size, shape, color, and design of the door. Put your hands on its surface. Is it rough or smooth? Does it feel warm, cold, hot, or cool to the touch? Do you hear a sound as you walk through? Take a full breath to notice if there’s an aroma wafting about. What do your senses perceive as you step across? Remember that this is your portal to walk through—your life to design as you so choose.

Know that your history need not be your destiny.

The Door to Joy

“The door to joy stands always open to usher through each weary soul

Whose feet have traversed the rocky path, sometimes stumbling

Wondering if they will ever arrive or be destined to travel endlessly

A beacon light catches the eye, reassuring that warmth and comfort

Nourishment for body, mind, and spirit waits within.” ~ Edie Weinstein

“Ring out the old, ring in the new. Ring out the false, ring in the true.” ~ George Harrison (my favorite Beatle)



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