December 4, 2021

The Meaning of True Love: 8 Beautiful Definitions.


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Love empowers.

But hate disempowers, enslaves us, and blindly toils to take away the right to our own life.

Love and survival, two most powerful words that symbolize the commanding forces of nature.

Love is spirit and isn’t tied to merely romance. It could be our mother, father, teacher, colleague, neighbour, stranger, friend, daughter, guru, or virtually anyone who might have come to our minds by now.

Yet, it’s the most profound emotion, the greatest romance of our life. It’s the expedition that takes a lifetime to embark upon and that goes beyond many lifetimes to flourish before coming to fruition.

It ends only when the distinction between us and our beloved is dissolved. And it becomes a part of us without leaving a trace and remains forever with us. Because love has always been us.

Love is not just praise or attention. It’s neither an obligation nor a choice, but the indigenous language of our souls. The song that is composed solely for us and our beloved—it will never evade us. Heaven forbid, don’t try to avoid it! You’ll be worsted and crushed, eventually ruined to dust, and to your utter astonishment, it’ll still be flying in the face of all moral cants and thorny hedges of societal edicts.

Its profoundness will engulf us, smash us, throttle us in millions unimaginable ways. We will fight for the last scrap of our being until nothing is left as us. And it will transform us into the person we really are—the aroma mingled with our soul.

We will be reacquainted with ourselves and with the world in a way we never thought is possible. So how do we recognise it? Does this question still merit an answer? To be honest, yes. Sometimes, we can’t recognise love unless we recognise hatred.

So here I am juxtaposing love against contempt and malice:

1. Love is the song of our soul, hymns of our heart, that instantly strikes a chord with us and we instinctively recognize it. We feel loved, validated, and praised, even without explicit validation.

Hatred, on the other hand, is the absence of love that keeps us deprived, always gives us a rush-about, and remains uncommunicable. We feel this dearth and feel invalidated despite the fawning.

2. Love opens us up to the world. By the canon of nature when we bloom outside, we bloom inside, and vice versa. It’s the most telling sign of love. Love always brings us back home—to ourselves.

Hatred blocks us, our possibilities, our expressions in the world. Blocked inside, blocked outside. We stop listening to our inner voice and rush to appease others, which goes against the voice of our own soul. We find our worth in someone else.

3. Love is our strength, and it makes us courageous. An invisible shield that guards and protects us from the evil and obstacles that reside within and without.

Hatred makes us feel unsafe and unworthy. It wants to enslave us and to compromise our truth, our real nature, and our dignity.

4. Love is trust, freedom, and faith—our personal power.

Hatred—envy—is mistrustful and insecure. It’s slavery. It’s enmeshed and shows lack of faith. It’s the want of power.

6. Love cannot be thrust upon, disowned, or ruled. Love doesn’t impose.

Hatred forces, demands, wants to rule, and disowns.

7. Love is our very nature, the might of our soul, the state of being, the sacredness and purity of heart that our soul knows and instinctively identifies in others. Love reflects in our life and in our decisions.

Our heart might swell with pride when someone grants us praise or attention; it meets our needs or desires, but all these are unwritten codes of survival.

8. Love never controls; it doesn’t need to. Love is calm—bliss.

Spite is the lack of personal power and strength; it’s chaos.

When survival meets love, life is in harmony, and it’s healthy living. When survival meets hatred, it’s wrong living.


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