December 24, 2021

3 Ways to Boost Self-Love & Get Everything you want in your Life.


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Every woman I work with has something in common.

They want to experience more self-love, but they don’t know how.

They’re stuck and confused; they feel blocked and trapped in unhelpful habits and destructive patterns. They attract men who don’t honour them, they struggle to make enough money, they compare themselves to others, and their negative self-talk is constantly making them feel bad about themselves.

Sound familiar?

We’ve all been there.

We live in a society that doesn’t teach us self-love. It teaches us to be insecure, jealous, disempowered, to give so much of ourselves away. It seduces us with unhealthy choices that numb our emotions—overspending, overeating, drinking too much—quick-fix, low-vibe pleasure hits that make corporations rich and keep our wallets and our spirits poor.

But the fact you’re reading this means your inner compass is guiding you toward the infinite well of love that’s already inside you.

And that, my friend, is a massive cause for celebration!

Because self-love changes everything.

We are all born inherently worthy, but as we grow older, we begin to give our power away by attaching our worth to things that are changeable, like how much money we make, our relationships, our looks, or our weight. Self-worth has nothing to do with anything that can change. The concept of needing to “up” your self-worth is a trap. By “trying,” we’ve missed the point, which is to tune in to what’s already here.

Self-worth comes down to three consistent behaviours:

1. Showing up for yourself.

2. Making choices that serve your highest good.

3. Choosing to accept who you are.

Showing up for yourself—constantly and consistently—means being in the game and staying in the game. It means choosing self-love a million times a day and not abandoning yourself. Through the good times and the ugly times, you keep going.

I know how hard this can be when you face challenges, but remember that you always have a choice. If you want self-love and you are faced with a challenge, it’s about stopping to ask yourself what you need to choose to be in a love frequency. And, difficult as it is in the moment, it’s about being thankful for your challenges, because they are there to help you evolve. Focusing on gratitude can be a really self-loving act all on its own. This is a simple practice that you can choose anytime to improve your experience.

Choices are how you vote for your own vision. With each choice, you vote for yourself, your lifestyle, your vision of who you are, who you can and will be. Your choices show that you care.

The great part of making better choices is that it’s a virtuous cycle. As you start to make better choices, your self-worth increases because you choose yourself more and more. Choosing yourself is self-worth. Equally, when your self-worth increases, you will want to make better choices. And so it continues.

Acceptance is about being okay with the fact that sometimes we all have sh*tty days, just as we all have phenomenal days. This ebb and flow is divine and it is all serving us. Even when we do or say the stupid thing, forget the path we are on, or lose our way for a while, it’s okay. We are still worthy.

Worthiness is self-sourcing, like a self-saucing pudding…yum! It’s only when we start to source our worthiness from within, not from outside (which is always in flux) that we can truly understand our power, become magnetic, and attract what we want.

If everyone was empowered with self-acceptance, nobody would be going around trying to prove themselves by having more, more, more…bigger, better, keeping up with the Joneses. The true power within us doesn’t need to scream how powerful it is. It just quietly knows and doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone.

I believe that self-worth is our birthright and that the world would be a different place if we were all vibrating on this higher frequency, all living with passion and purpose and overcoming the challenges that keep us negative and stuck.

Self-love gives each of us the space to create a ripple effect, and, when a billion people feel amazing from within, the whole world changes.

Are you ready to begin your incredible self-love transformation? I guarantee when you stop focusing on lack, you will find an expansive, creative, energetic, swirling yumminess where you know you can create anything you want in the world. This is where true passion and purpose is born. You will never look back. I promise you that.

Remember, with self-love, anything is possible.



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