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January 27, 2022

Battle of Abuse Victims

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.

When you are a victim of abuse.
We have battles every day that we battle.
It is a daily battle through life.
I travelled this road for many years.
Battling and fighting trying to be successful in my own life.
Building my own self esteem for my worthiness.
When we become repeated victim from others.
It can eventually break us.
It can set us back many years of battles all over again.
Where we sit in silence with very few words.
When we are trying to pick ourselves back up.
We shut people out that we don’t explain what we can’t really explain to others.
We cry with tears alone.
We become loss with any kind of emotions.
We lose ourselves where we bury our heart of ever feeling again.
Our walls built even stronger and becomes impossible of knocking them down.
When we walk out into the public eyes we place our mask on with smiles.
We hide ourselves behind the mask that no questions are asked.
We run from everyone even ourselves.
We just don’t know which way to proceed and go towards.
We go into our own little world and stay clear of others.
We want to scream but no voice. We want someone to tell us something to trigger us back.
It don’t always happen, we just become loss with our inner self.
The battles never gets any easier. They actually get tougher to battle and fight.
Sure is easier to go into hiding and run as far as possible.
Shutting every door and making everything, anything and anyone to ever enter through our doors.
This is the battles that physical, mental, sexual and verbal abuse victim battles every day.

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