January 21, 2022

Her Heart was made of Ice—But it was Not her Fault.


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She was absolutely beautiful in every way, inside and out.

Men adored her from afar. There was this magnetism about her. It was like she had a magic wand and men would fall under her spell. She appeared pretty, quiet, and reserved. Almost as if she was playing a little hard to get.

But she was filled with so much emptiness. She was emotionless, distant, and unfeeling. It was as if her heart was made of ice.

She was hostile to most people except her family and close friends. She rarely opened up to others and had a cold demeanor.

Many people tried to get close to her, but they failed every single time.

Her alluring beauty was deceiving. She wasn’t accepting nor inviting. She was a cold-hearted woman.

It appeared as though she was somewhat narcissistic and had little regard for anyone’s interests and feelings. It came off as if she had little or no empathy.

But she was not horrible at all, and all of her black-heartiness was due to despair and fear.

She wasn’t always this way. She was once a young girl who was filled with love and kindness. She had hopes and dreams. She was enthusiastic about life. She had plans to conquer the world. She wanted so much for herself.

She was sociable and friendly. She moved about her days with electricity pulsing through her veins. Excitement and wonderment burst through her smile. She was filled with an abundance of light that could be seen from around the world. Joy and happiness beamed from her pores. She trusted everyone. She believed in everything. And her loving heart was warm and open to the world.

She dreamt of falling in love. She believed in happily ever after. She expected to find her soul mate. She trusted in the idea of forever with someone.

Then everything changed. And her light, that once shined so bright, went dull.

She didn’t trust love anymore. Love turned into emptiness. Love was hurtful. Love became meaningless.

Her sweet voice became cold and empty. Her soul was broken into a million little pieces. She began to speak in an unfriendly, unsympathetic way. The affection she once displayed to the world was gone. She felt hollow and detached. She became harsh, indifferent, and insensitive. Nothing really seemed to matter anymore.

She didn’t know when it had happened. She couldn’t say why. She just knew somewhere along the way, she became the Ice Queen.

How does this happen to someone so eager to go out and take on the world? How does someone so enchanting become the Ice Queen?

Yes, she was the Ice Queen but it was never her fault.

Ice Queens have been hurt. She was hurt to the point of no return. She never wanted this coldness inside her. She didn’t set out for it to be this way.

It was years of being disappointed. Years of being betrayed.

She lost her trust in people who were supposed to be there for her, forever. Every heartbreak took her breath away and knocked her down. Each blow gutted her little by little. Until she was numb.

Ice Queens don’t need anyone. She had felt alone for way too long. She built a wall around her precious heart to keep out the hurt. Once the wall was up, she started building a life on her own. Without disappointment. Without dismay.

Being alone by choice felt much better than being alone because someone left her.

Ice Queens are emotionally mature.

Instead of complaining about things not going her way, she accepted them as they were. She needed to be responsible for herself. So she took a step back from the world to take time for herself.

She needed the time to heal and create the life she wanted, on her own terms.

Ice Queens have their lives under control.

She knew she wasn’t able to control everything that happened to or around her. So she confidently moved forward with her own goals and priorities by herself.

She was setting new boundaries that would be necessary for her well-being.

Ice Queens are scared.

She feared letting people in. She wasn’t willing to take a chance on someone hurting her. She refused to take a chance on love.

She knew what it would take to melt her cold heart. She could feel a tiny little ember in the pit of her soul. She understood what it would take to ignite the light within her. She just needed a little more time to get things right. Time on her own. Time to figure things out.

She wasn’t willing to sacrifice her fragile heart. Not yet. So she remained the Ice Queen. But just for a little while longer.

She wasn’t born to be an Ice Queen. She was made for so much more. She knew one day she would feel alive again. Her soul would reconnect to the world. And the coldness around her heart would melt.

She will love again.

And that light within her was meant to shine for all the world to see.


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