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January 27, 2022

Opening the Doors

Photo by Andreas Fickl on Pexels.

When you travel so many paths in life, paths just seems so broken in so many ways.

You keep on trying to find the right path to travel on.
Sometimes it get discouraging feeling like there’s no hope.
You come across so many different individuals, during your journey.
Some of the people remains in your life and many leaves.
Some people becomes very special and enriched into your heart.
Some becomes distinctive at far nor near.
Some just disappear into the misting light.
The feelings that one feels when things shattering into many different pieces.
The emptiness of the fulfillment is so incomplete, with losing the confidence.
Some makes you feel special and worthy.
Some makes you feel like just and option at there conveniences.
Some makes you feel like a flash by night. “Easy come, easy go”.
During a point in our life, we all make a stand
Realizing we can stand with others or we are capable of standing alone.
We have a very special Higher Power who guides us to our Greatness.
We are never alone my friends. No matter what life has thrown into our path and the obstacles.
Life is to precious with so many values to cherish.
Keep your believes and never lose the hope. There’s always going to be the brighter light on your journey.

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Read 1 comment and reply

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