January 15, 2022

This Hauntingly Beautiful Cover of Moby’s “Porcelain” will Heal You.

I am a huge Mimi Page fan.

I came across her by chance years ago while looking up Enya’s music. Mimi has covered a few Enya tracks I really love and recorded many moving pieces. I recommend her album Ethereal Blues as well as her others.

When I heard her hauntingly beautiful cover of Moby’s “Porcelain,” I was floored. Gutted. Goosebumps with all the feels on a different level. It’s about a person saying goodbye because they lied to someone. It’s about regret and heartbreak. It’s about loss. If you’ve ever loved and lost, this song is for you. It allows you to revisit past relationships and people you’ve cherished who may no longer be in your life. It can even support recovery from loss because the song speaks for you. And says a lot.

Mimi Page also does meditations and works with RAINN, an advocacy organization for sexual assault victims. She’s not just another Katy Perry or Taylor Swift; she has more soul than them. To me, she’s a unique artist who needs to be seen. Mimi does meaningful work and her songs are meaningful too.

Check it out for yourself and let yourself be carried away by a moment of goodbye in a song:


And here is the original, if you haven’t already listened to it!



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