January 31, 2022

Getting Unstuck: Why we Need to Move Beyond our Old Patterns & Stories.

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For many of us, the beginning of a New Year brings a pause to look back over the previous year, looking closely over choices, mishaps, and successes.

Scrutinizing passions yet not experienced or fulfilled, possible risky business choices, old and new relationships, and hopefully bright spots that got us through the difficult times we find ourselves in.

Currently, I’m focusing on living and learning to dwell in and maintain a higher frequency in my daily life by developing habits and patterns that will bring me light, clarity, joy, and peace. It’s time for me to carefully contemplate the different positions, practices, and ways of my life—some that can stay and expand, and some that need to be released.

You cannot take the old with you into the new. It’s like pouring old wine into new wineskins. The ancient wineskins can’t hold the unknown substance.

What needs to be removed are the beliefs, mindsets, and patterns that were never meant to be a part of my life. I now understand they were used as tools to teach, expand, and shed wisdom into my heart as I experienced situations to help others eventually.

But I was never to claim them as my patterns and belief systems, only as a place to visit, experience, and leave because it was not part of my complete journey. Simply lessons along the way.

This is the struggle. Especially for an empathic soul. To break free and shed assumed identities that are never accurate—only accepted.

Nothing is ever lost. Even wrong turns can be used as life lessons—but not as an identity or a place to call home.

In a wounded heart lies a subconscious fear of the unknown. It’s sometimes easier to fall into the consciousness of society that is modeled throughout our life. Without a strong connection and leading of the soul, there is no assurance, hope, or faith to move forward out of the shadows and into the light.

This kind of sharp focus brings to light many limiting beliefs that stubbornly desire to hold on to our heart and life. These old patterns left from disappointments, grief, and feelings of disempowerment. Like many things in our lives that we tuck away, these belief systems are simply a nuisance until we wake up and realize how they are holding us back from the fullness of life we came here to explore.

The mind can only duplicate or twist what it has experienced. The mind can only see, hear, and know what it has learned and understood from the past. And yet we are taught to think with our minds and shut down our hearts’ feelings.

It takes the connecting of the soul, practiced daily, and the intent to connect so the soul can lead us into our destiny. The mind tries to predict the future but cannot know what lies ahead. It’s not the mind that creates, but the heart, connected to the soul and spirit.

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” ~ Proverbs 4:23

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” ~ Proverbs 13:12

Nothing in those verses mentions the mind.

Where does all creativity flow? From the heart that is merged with the soul. That longing is the pattern we were all uniquely called to follow in our journeys here on Earth. And I mean uniquely. We get off course when different societies believe they have the only true pattern. Each individual has a design that was fashioned to help the soul evolve in its journey.

When a heart is disillusioned because hope has been deferred—never seeming to manifest—the mind tries to come up with reasons and plans built from the experiences of the past. But those plans cannot work because those plans and reasons will only produce what they did in the past—a duplication of the old story.

A longing fulfilled can only come from a heart connected and surrendered to the soul that knows its truth and is connected to the spirit—without judgment of the past—offering pure plans for the future. It is the tree of life connected to the heart.

The soul came here to explore and evolve through emotions and love. The mind’s job is to keep us alive, safe, and out of harm’s way. When we disconnect from the soul, we veer off course and allow the mind to lead us along our journey. The mind was never meant for that role.

This lifetime is about restoration. The restoration of who we are as a soul, merging in a greater way with our chosen human form.

It’s time to reflect and release the old stories built by the past.

Our soul is not sad, angry, unforgiving, or holding grudges. Our soul is eager to lead us into an abundant future.

Surrender to your soul, and be led to a higher life and way of living.

It’s time to release the old and embrace our future and a new story.





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Read 2 comments and reply

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