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January 27, 2022

Ups and Downs

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.

Never imagine life could have so many ups and downs in the roads.
We travel paths to grow, learn, teaching, love , sadness and fear.
Sometimes you want to throw your hands up and run from everything.
Then something happens bring us back then it gives that positive energy once again.

Then we think things are going well and seeing all the goodness.
Then here it goes again Boom the bomb gets dropped again.

Life is strange it goes smooth then all of a suddenly it’s like a broken egg shell.

You stand tall and hold your head up high being proud of all the things you have accomplished successfully.

You always try to see the goodness in everything that has been given to you by blessings.

Then you have others who try’s to take it all away because of their own low self esteem.

Some people cares a lot, some cares just about themselves, some just don’t care at all.

Nobody can build anyone’s happiness beside that individual.
All any of us can do is add happiness, joy, love and peace to others.

Some people is truly open an honest of who they are with no secrets.
Others are in denial and lost themselves some where down the paths.

It’s always easier just to be who you are and being a real person.

Don’t allow yourself to get lost in the different challenges in Life.

Always believe in yourself it doesn’t matter what anyone else’s thinks.

It’s your life and your happiness.

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