February 16, 2022

Ladies: Stop Making Excuses for Not Living your Post-Divorce Life.

I work with many clients just like you. 

Divorced women, at midlife and beyond, who feel stuck after their divorce and who desperately want to move on with the rest of their lives. 

But after two years of this COVID-19 crap, I keep hearing the same thing, and that frankly makes me want to scream. 

“Once Covid is done, then I can live my life.”

“I’ll start dating once Covid is done. Then I can really feel confident.”

“I won’t make plans to go on that dream trip. What if I can’t travel because of Covid?”

Ladies: please please please, for the love of all things holy, quit postponing joy because of an ever-evolving virus and incompetent government authorities who have no idea what the hell they’re doing. 

Quit giving the unknown your power.

Stop relying on something you can’t control to dictate your post-divorce life.

Enough with relying on something that may or may not happen to determine your happiness and your future. 

Because guess what? The longer you keep delaying your life “because of Covid,” the longer it’s going to take you to get out of your rut.

And if you continue to rely on the situation with Covid getting better as the sole thing that will help you recover from your divorce, you will head toward disappointment. 

From now on, you get to shift your mindset. 

Instead of saying, “I’ll have to wait until Covid is under control to go on that trip, take that class, start dating again” (you know you’ve said all those before), reframe it to the following:

“I am going to make it work in spite of Covid.” 

And no, this does not mean you refuse to wear a mask.

This does not mean you refuse the vaccine booster

This does not mean you’re going to approach an attractive guy at Kroger and start licking his face. 

But what it does mean is that starting today, you’re no longer going to use Covid as an excuse for staying stuck after your divorce.

Need some help? Take a moment and answer the following: 

>> What are the things that I want to do now that I’m divorced?

>> How can I make them happen in spite of Covid?

>> If I am feeling resistance to taking an action, am I using Covid as an excuse?

>> Is there something else beside Covid that’s actually holding me back?

It’s okay to be scared of getting out of your comfort zone, especially after a divorce. Especially when you’re a people-pleaser who’s been living by other people’s rules and operating on their narratives. 

But this is your freakin’ life. 

Are you going to let some random virus hijack it? 

You have the permission to still go after your post-divorce life and dreams amidst the uncertainty. 

It is your right and responsibility to put yourself first, rewire the narratives that are keeping you stuck, and pursue the things that give you joy. 

Don’t let Covid get in the way of it. 


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